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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

procrastination station

here is a link to my past projects.

so, I decided to start this blog and chronicle the progress of my many many projects. maybe this will actually help me to get things done, since if I'm publicly (or at least bloggily) humiliated for having nothing to show for all the knitting I do, I would feel pressure to actually finish stuff. and maybe I can also learn to write in paragraphs.

currently, I don't have any gifts under construction, so there are no secrets to be kept and I can freely post whatever I want. well, I suppose I'm making some things for isa, but I don't think she reads my blog, and I don't really consider them gifts, so I'm not worried about her finding out about them. maybe the reason that I'm such a slacker with these projects is because they're for myself and I don't have any deadlines. I'm really quite lenient on myself. which is nice for me. but what's not so nice for me is that I don't have any fun finished knitted things to wear.

so, let's take a quick inventory of things I've got half-finished and occupying various corners of my home. I should post some pictures, but it's so embarrassing just thinking about them that I don't think I need to provide photographic evidence. the saddest part is that everything is taking up needles because I keep telling myself that I'm going to pick up whatever project tonight and work on it. putting things on stitch holders is like admitting that I'm a procrastinator. plus, I don't even think I have enough holders to hold all the stuff I'm "working on". sadness.

anyway, so here is my list:

isa's striped zippie hoodie - this is my greatest source of shame because it is sooo far from being finished that I think I need to take it apart and make it one size bigger. the thing that is stopping me is the fact that it took me about a thousand years to get to the point where I stopped and it makes me want to cry thinking about starting over... it's made with baby ull from dale of norway from a dale of norway pattern.

clapotis from knitty.com - I thought this looked so cool, but I so could not afford the lorna's laces that the pattern called for. so I picked up some noro instead, which is not as nice. but it is a very fun project - I had to put it down because of christmas presents I was working on. and so, it has not been touched since about november. I'm almost halfway thru.

blackberry, also from knitty.com - I really want to make a sweater for an adult. an adult named me. because I'm selfish like that. and I am also altruistic like that, because who would want to wear my first experiment in adult sweaters? it's probably going to come out all funky. I say this because I decided to use lion thick & quick because it is considerably cheaper than the rowan that this pattern calls for. I couldn't *quite* obtain the correct gauge, which is what is going to make this even more interesting... but, anyway, this pattern looked fast. I'm about halfway done with the back.

a hat - I went to the knitting arts sale the other day and wandered around the store for a long time thinking about how I'd driven all the way to saratoga and wanting to buy about $300 worth of stuff, but knowing that I couldn't, and trying to pick "just one thing" to get. it was excruciating. I don't know why I torment myself so. so I picked up some rowan ribbon twist to make a hat. I kinda started, but I'm about to start over.

short-row scarf - this looked fun. I'm making it with some light green yarn I bought off elann.com. I think I'm about halfway through this one too...

I think that's it for things that I've started and not finished... or I could be in denial about other things that have sat for longer than the last couple months. there are also numerous projects for which I've already purchased yarn, but have not yet started. and I am trying to stop myself from further starting and not finishing projects. at least until the ones I've already started are finished... and we'll see how that goes...

I don't want to feel like too much of a loser for not even being able to follow through on things that I actually love doing. let's hope this year holds more finished projects than last year, and an ever diminishing yarn stash, too! :) whee!

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