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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

I feel like such a rookie... 2.16.2007 |

at this being on vacation thing, that is. this morning, I woke up 45 minutes before I normally wake up when I have to go to work. I tried and tried, but could not fall back asleep! I do believe I was just too giddy at the thought of not having to go into work today - or ever! ok, fine, not ever ever, but I won't have to go back to my OLD job ever. heehee.

anywho, I had a pretty productive morning - crossed a few things off my miles long to do list. the rest of the day will involve more crossing off, but hopefully it will also include some fun too. oh, what am I saying? not having to go to work makes even shopping for a new front door seem like fun. which is exactly what I'll be doing as soon as I finish posting this.

I even caught hugh grant on the view this morning. not a show I normally like to watch, but, hey, hugh grant! and while I watched/listened, I did something I've been wanting to do for quite some time now. actually, ever since I got my knitpicks options needle set in the mail. take a look - ta-da!

my very own clearance aisle at target placemat turned needle roll! just for my knitpicks set! I've really not liked the case that knitpicks makes. actually, if you like the original case, I'm selling it off on destash for a piddly $10. so I can buy some more cables. what fun! here are more pictures of my little creation.

I'm quite pleased with it, really. please don't mind the ghetto-ness of the rubber band holding it together... I'll figure out some prettier way of keeping it together that doesn't involve the tying of ribbons.

or, I can always just fold it in half, which is quite a space saver too. oh, the possibilities!

well, I hope I'll have more fun stuff to share with you next week. it's door shopping time for me. in the meantime, I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend and a happy chinese new year! gong xi fa cai!

tsk tsk 2.14.2007 |

is it just me or is this rowan model flipping me off?

wow, where have I been? 2.09.2007 |

seriously, what have I been up to? it's hard to know for sure, really... the last few weeks have been busy and kind of a blur. oh, and thanks, everyone, for the compliments on wicked! I really do love the finished product and ended up wearing it out this past weekend. of course, the one day I wear it, it's like super hot outside. but I wore it anyway! over a lot of deodorant.

anyway. so things have been a bit crazy at work - there have been a lot of changes around here lately. but the biggest change of all? well, that would be that I'm leaving! I got a new job in a field that's more what I want and what I envisioned myself doing. yay! my current job was originally supposed to be kind of a placeholder until I found something better, and the day has finally come to say goodbye. I've got less than a week left and it's such a liberating feeling! I will definitely miss my coworkers and I'll miss my freedom to blog while at work, but this change is going to be great. the benefits far far outweigh the drawbacks.

oh, but the best part? in between jobs, I'm going to have a week off to do exciting things like get new tires for my car! do my taxes! get a passport for isa! shop for new work clothes! the shopping part is going to be great fun, actually. but even more fun than that is that stitches west is happening that same week I'm off! what are the chances?? unfortunately, my schedule and my pocketbook aren't really letting me take any classes, but I have carved out a few hours on friday to go and wander the market and see if I can't enhance my stash and my bookshelf and whatever just a little bit. I'm sure that's going to be really hard to do (insert eyes rolling here).

you don't think just because I haven't been blogging that I haven't been knitting, do you? of course not! I've got one FO to show and one wip to, well, not show, because I don't actually have pictures of it. I started eiffel (the *other* skc kal) in another attempt to clear the stash. I just happened to have some allhemp6 that I bought at a sale at my lys which I hadn't designated for a project yet. I'm planning on making my eiffel capsleeved, but we'll see how that goes! so far, I'm a few repeats away from the boobs. I hope to make some progress in boobland over the weekend!

and, without further ado, my latest FO:

pattern: shetland triangle from wrap style
yarn: sundara yarn aran silky merino in turquoise, less than 2 skeins
needles: knitpicks options us9
finished: february 2, 2007
notes: this color is near impossible to photograph. this still isn't quite right, but it's the closest one I could get. anyway, this yarn. oh. my. god. so so soft and silky and mmm mmm good! it was fabulous to knit with! I definitely need to get more for future projects. it did bleed like crazy when I washed it, but it held it's color well. how does that work? I compared it to the leftover yarn I had and it still appears to be the exact same color, even though I must have rinsed it over 10 times and the water was still tinged blue. the pattern was simple and beautiful and fast! my only problem with this FO is that I think my bind off is too tight. I'm thinking about redoing it, but, well, we'll see.