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happy halloween!

I am so glad that halloween is finally here! not so much because I'm that big of a fan of halloween, but because I don't have any more costume making to do! hooray!

several months ago, isa mentioned that she wanted to be fraulein maria for halloween. she might be just a wee bit obsessed with the sound of music... anyway, she rarely changes her mind once it's made up, but she did waffle over just which of the many marias she wanted to be. after some thought, though, she finally decided that she specifically wanted to be the "do re mi maria."
so I ventured out to my very favorite place in all the world, the clearance rack at target, and picked up this women's size 12 number for a mere $9.24.

I then proceeded to dismantle it completely. and then, through a whole lot of trial and error, I sewed it back together isa-sized. it came out far from perfect, but not bad for my first attempt at a dress. and now I'm a little less scared of the prospect of making more clothes... someday. maybe.

no "do re mi maria" costume would be complete without a guitar, but since I don't have one, I made one out of an old cardboard box, some elastic, and a ton of glue. add a straw hat from michaels, and it's complete!

all this ensemble is missing is 7 little kids dressed in curtains to follow her around. maybe next year.

in other news, knitting! I made this:
read more about it over on the rav.

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  • Blogger Wendy says so:
    11:51 PM  

    eee she looks awesome!! love the whole get-up! i'm so impressed that you pretty much made the entire outfit. AND you had time to knit yourself a new scarf? sheesh. i think you need to watch more tv. top

  • Blogger insaknitty says so:
    12:42 PM  

    yes... we all know I don't watch enough tv... haha. top

  • Blogger Yoli says so:
    6:55 AM  

    Wow that is fantastic! You did an amazing job. I positively adore the scarf. top

  • Blogger Traci says so:
    3:35 PM  

    Ahhhh!!! Susan! She looks PERFECT. LOVE, love, love. top