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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

still kickin' 3.09.2007 |

I'm still here! for the most part, anyway. and today marks the end of my first two weeks at my new job. time has really flown... this is evidenced in my perpetual sleepiness and my near non-existent knitting time. I guess it is true that the days pass more quickly when you're busy, huh?

who knew that packing my own lunch would take such an effort? it's true that the grass is greener on the other side - I grumbled all the time at my old job about our free lunch, since I had no real say in which greasy, sub-par chinese restaurant or fast food joint we would be fed by each day. I couldn't wait to be able to decide what I'd have for lunch all by myself. what I didn't realize was that now I have to actually decide what I'm going to have for lunch. all by myself. every day. it's nice that I don't have to eat so much unhealthy food, but it's so hard to eat healthy, too! also, there seems to be a never ending supply of snickers bars at the office to help derail my efforts to not clog my arteries.

I'm sure all this is completely fascinating to any of you who might be reading this, since this is a knitting blog and all. the knitting has been scarce, to say the least. well. isa just happened to catch herself a really nasty stomach virus the very day my vacation began, and then promptly infected her day care provider, which left me at home with her and, um, a whole lot of nasty. by friday, I couldn't stand being trapped at home every day with an explosive toddler and instead decided to torment her by dragging her with me to stitches west. to make up for her suffering, I let her choose a fiber trends kit for me to knit up for her. of course, she chose the squirrel. and, of course, I forgot to take pictures. I'll do that soon. as soon as I find the time... ha! find time! oh, and I also bought some yarn. just a little. also... no pictures...

I probably have about a million other things to report, but I seem to have misplaced a decent amount of mental function lately. I'm sure daylight saving time isn't going to help, but I do hope to adapt to my new schedule soon and have something interesting to say here. in the meantime, here's some pictures of my brother's latest architectural creation. it's a gas station! a fancy one! in los angeles. one day, I'll have to get myself down there to get some gas. that, and be all "my brother designed this place! anyone want my autograph?" I'll have to remember my sharpie.