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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

plan b 2.28.2006 |

baby fat is a bitch. I've got what seems to be a permanent layer of nice flabby flab all around my midsection. I feel like I've done all I can to get rid of it - you know, breastfeeding, carrying the baby around - and it's still here! should I just suck it up and buy a new set of pilates dvds? mine got lost somewhere in the move and I blame part of my lack of weight loss on that. another part of it might be all the chocolate that somehow finds it's way into my mouth.

all that is fine and dandy, though, because I think the solution, instead of trying to get rid of the fat by exercising or eating well, is to start buying bigger clothes. I mean, last summer, I was rocking the maternity look (yoga pants and big tshirts), so all the summery clothes I have are actually two or more years out of date! so I need to buy new clothes anyway. I'll just get them in the next size up. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. what a great idea.

so, it turns out that there's going to be some competing for my time tonight. tv-wise, that is. looks like american idol and the amazing race are going to overlap between 9 and 930. don't worry - I'll try to deal with it calmly and rationally.

belated 2.26.2006 |

I'm going to ignore the fact that the olympic closing ceremonies will be airing tonight and keep plugging away at the sweater that kicked me while I was down. I'm not going to give up, even though I know I'm not going to make it. I'm gonna be like that one skiier last night who missed the second gate in the slalom, yet kept going and got a first place time, but was immediately disqualified. but he had a great run and raced like he meant it, even though he totally knew that he was out. that's the olympic spirit, right? to keep going because you know you have it in you; though there may not be a medal at the end, I will know that I achieved my goal, which is to complete the task which I'd set out to do. that, and make my momma proud. the norwegians may think they've got me beat, but they've got another thing coming!

to make myself feel better about my ufo, I'm going to post a picture of my (finally!) blocked clapotis. this lovely shot was taking under the flattering florescent glow of my bathroom. I perched my camera atop a bottle of woolite, because I could see the reflection of the viewfinder in the mirror and be sure that I was actually in the shot. by the way, it came out so so soft and warm (the clapotis, not the picture). and I'm actually kinda glad it's chilly today so I could wear it out. unfortunately, the picture didn't come out that great, but you get the idea of what it looks like. whee - hot pink!

he's baaaack! 2.23.2006 |

I'm sure you can imagine my shock when herbie arrived at the front door today around 1030am. what? back already? surely there was a mistake with the shipping label and he's been returned to me! but NO! can you believe that I shipped him off tuesday around 2pm and he arrived in tennessee before 8am the next day, then he went under the knife for a fan transplant and was handed back to mr. dhl for his return flight and arrived home on thursday before breakfast was even fully digested? how's that for service?? thanks to apple and dhl, herbie is home safe and running cool and quiet. and in almost 44 hours flat!

remember how I said I could sympathize with michelle kwan because I "pulled" my "groin" "hopping" up a 4" curb? well, as the closing ceremonies draw near, I feel even more as though I am channeling the kwan. the progress on the "easy" sweater can be summed up as nothing more than "sad". I've got roughly 6" of the body done, and the end is nowhere in sight. and it doesn't look like a deal with disney is anywhere in the future for me either. but, enough of the sadness. I'm gonna go eat me some chocolate.

*sniff* 2.21.2006 |

I'm sick. I used to never get sick. what's going on here? anyway, I'm home from work today, supposedly resting up and recovering, but instead I took a nap this morning and then ran some much neglected errands. it's kind of exciting taking care of things that I managed to ignore for so long. I feel so productive. too bad I also feel fairly lightheaded.

in other news, herbie is going on a trip to the apple hospital. his ride came to my door this morning. looks like it's going to be nice and snug in here. I'm going to miss him and I hope he doesn't die. I'm a little bit confused about what I'm supposed to do with him after he's all packed up. do I drop him off somewhere? is someone coming for him tomorrow? no clue.

I was kind of annoyed with olympic coverage last night. NBC must stand for NoBody Cares. because I don't think anyone really cares about ice dancing (aka the stupidest "sport" in the olympics) yet they decided to bombard everyone with gratuitous coverage all night. they showed about 5 minutes of aerial skiing, but hours of ice dancing. I wanted to stab out my eyes with my knitting needles - I would have changed the channel, but I was foolishly holding onto the hope that they would show something more interesting. how wrong was I. thank GOD that it's over and we can move on!

and just cuz I can, I'm posting some pictures of something I bought the other day even though I was thoroughly disturbed by it:

what is wrong with this picture? natural? cheetos? they're not even orange! I think frito-lay is doing everyone a disservice by claiming these "natural" "cheese" "snacks" are cheetos. they don't taste like them, look like them, smell like them... probably because they have no artificial anything and we know that there is nothing in nature that could make a cheeto. the only thing that makes these things cheetos is the word "cheetos" printed on the bag. oh, and this (the only redeeming thing about these):

ouch 2.17.2006 |

I just want to say, for the record, that I am getting a serious norwegian ass whooping. dalegarn strikkedesign til baby nr. 152 seems to have it out for me big time. what have I done to deserve such treatment? when did I forget how to count? did I even know how to in the first place? I'm not even sure anymore. and every little norwegian baby in that pattern book seems to be mocking me. but isa showed that dalegarn who's boss by ripping his hand off. so HA - take that, dale of norway!

olympic empathy |

yesterday, leaving work, I realized I'd forgotten my leftovers from lunch on my desk. so I decided to run back into the office to get it. of course, I wouldn't say I was really running - more like moving faster than walking, but certainly not qualifying as jogging. I *leap* over the curb and upon my landing, I feel a sharp pain in my groin. I pulled my groin basically walking fast to get a styrofoam box of rice and meat. how pathetic is that?? I had to limp back to my car and it hurt to drive. sigh. ok, I guess it wasn't really a pull, cuz it went away about an hour later. but still. for an hour, I was like, dude, I totally know how michelle kwan must feel.

I finally got a new friend. I'm gonna miss old kate, but she's definitely not gone forever. she will always be my favorite. but I am pretty excited about all the pockets! pockets galore! fourteen of them! my old bag had three. it was so hard to find stuff in there. although, I'm not sure that having fourteen pockets is going to help that much. I'll just be searching through all the pockets instead of digging around at the bottom. but whatever - it's green, it's new and it's mine! big enough for all my stuff, plus isa's, plus some knitting if I ever need to take it with me somewhere, and also big enough for herbie, in case he ever wants to go for a ride. woot!

suuuuckk... 2.16.2006 |

I so don't want to talk about it.

make that a double, please 2.14.2006 |

so, it's been kind of a frustrating evening. first off, isa's been sick the last few days and seems to be a bit more difficult than her usual bubbly self. she seems in pretty good spirits, but she's also pretty snotty. poor thing.

I finally decided to see when my applecare runs out, since the fan in my computer has been making odd noises for the last few months. that's right, months. turns out I have 4 days left to do something about it. so, I reluctantly drove herbie (the powerbook) out to the nearest apple store, which isn't all that near, only to find that the genius bar was booked for the rest of the night. I'd only missed about 15 minutes of olympic coverage, so that was good part. the bad part is that I'm going to have to go back again tomorrow or the night after. *sigh*

but after dinner and taking care of the usual evening business, I finally got to go back to the sweater, which is not being all that cooperative. it's looking smaller than the measurements given in the pattern. and it certainly looks like it would be difficult to zip over someone's potbelly. I should be blaming myself for not swatching last week, but I didn't think anything would have really changed since the last time I started this thing. maybe I'm tenser than I was last fall or I remembered the gauge incorrectly or something I can't quite figure out. at any rate, it seems as though I'm knitting at a much smaller gauge than I should be and it's just not going to fit! although, I haven't made nearly as much progress as I would have hoped and only have about 5 inches finished. but I feel like I have no choice but to frog it all for a second time. and since four days have elapsed, I am really doubtful that I can get this done.

would it be bad form for me to do an easier sweater from the same book? I mean, isn't this like a figure skater throwing in a double toe loop for a triple at the last second because he realized that it was do a double or fall on his butt? I think I could go for a double. like a double scotch. and as long as we're on the topic of figure skating, these guys have some serious cheesy outfits. since when did 007 wear one black glove and a sequined vest? ridiculous, I tell you!

let it snow! 2.12.2006 |

once every four years, for two straight weeks, I actually find myself loving snow and ice. not being in it, just seeing on tv. what is it that is so addicting about the olympics? the thing that seems to suck me in is all the little mini-documentaries that they like to show about the athletes, chronicling their individual journeys to their (hopefully) history making olympic moments. everyone seems to have such awesome stories. my life is so boring in comparison. maybe that's why I'm in the knitting olympics and not the actual olympics... anyway, I feel so connected to and find myself rooting for these people whom I have never met and whom I hadn't even heard of until two days ago - just by watching them on tv. I love the olympics. I can't even quite express how much I love them. it's like the whole world comes together to play. how much fun is that? I think this is the only time I truly feel proud to be an american. and chinese. and to own a tv. and I'm actually bummed that there is a new desperate housewives and grey's anatomy on. good thing my vcr works and I have a blank tape.

by the way, I love the coke commercial with the boy cheerleaders. it is so awesome. and I am getting really annoyed by these commentators for the men's downhill. they are like YELLING their commentary. I can't tell if it's because they're excited or because they are pretending they are chinese people on the phone. either way, it doesn't seem to be helping the americans. they're sucking big time!!

anyway, back to the sweater - I'm making decent progress, but I don't want to get too excited. it's hard enough trying not to think of all the other projects that I have waiting for me. I just have to keep thinking about how cute isa's going to look wearing this. hopefully as a sweater, not as a headband.

wowza 2.10.2006 |

what in the world are the chances?? ...I guess around one in 26...

Fit fit fits.
You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself:

"Things can work out even if I don't get

my way. Things can work out even...."

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

giddy |

it feels like the night before going camping. when I was little, I had the hardest time sleeping the night before a family trip to yosemite or sequoia or big sur or wherever it was that we were going to go camping the next day. it's how some kids probably feel on christmas eve or when they know they'll be in disneyland the next morning. the first and last time I went to disneyland was in 1984. I was six. captain eo had not yet opened. and that is pretty much all I remember. that, and going to universal studios to find that k.i.t.t. was broken. yes... this was back in the day when michael jackson wasn't a psycho yet and david hasselhoff was as cool as cool could get. but I totally digress.

I am giddy with excitement for the olympics!! I actually feel like I can do it. I actually feel like I can finish the sweater! maybe it's knowing that there are over 4000 other knitters around the world who are experiencing the olympic spirit. waiting for 2pm to roll around is pointless, because I'm stuck at work until 5. I feel like I need to hold a pencil in each hand just so I can pretend that I'm part of the action. it's taking every ounce of mental strength to focus on working. obviously, it's not working, because I'm blogging. but, whatever. none of this matters because, at the end of the day, I get to go home and knit non-stop for the next sixteen days! I hope my boss doesn't actually expect me to show up here next week...

hopelessly devoted 2.09.2006 |

maybe it's more addicted than devoted. to american idol, that is. I love love love it. but ai and pms do not go well together. it made me all weepy. I cried when people sucked, I cried when people were great, I cried when people cried, I cried at some really god-awful outfits, I cried at commercials inbetween. I am a blubbering idiot.

on a totally separate note, I think the package delivery world is out to get me. what is going on?? first, the noro lady forgets to send my yarn until a week after I order it, then my yummy yarn takes over a week to arrive for no understandable reason, then my addis were backordered and only shipped yesterday (will they get here before tomorrow?? no idea!), and now some toys I ordered for isa got delivered to the wrong place. maybe this is God's way of telling me to stop buying stuff. it's ok, though. there will be no time for shopping once the olympics begin! torino, here I come!

fedex has redeemed itself. they got my package back! man, these people really know how to make sure things don't get damaged. looks like we got a little pink stowaway.

daaaa daaaa da da da da da 2.08.2006 |

in case you can't tell, that's the first few notes of the olympic anthem. two days to go! two days for my addi turbos to come in the mail. two days for me to gather my wits and stretch my fingers and prepare my butt for hours of sitting on the couch. two days to figure out how to fashion a beer hat out of regular household items so that I won't get dehydrated during the following 16 days.

it's official, people! check it out - me, and all the other susans of the knitting world, on the official knitting olympics list. we should form our own team. team susan.

so, I ordered some addi turbos (my first!) because I have heard about how fast one can knit with them. I am a bit skeptical, but I've heard it enough times to begin believing that it must be true. ok, fine. I only had to hear it once... as I mentioned in my last post, I'm a total sucker for cool products. anyway, we'll see if they work. sadly, as fast as they might make me knit, it doesn't seem like they travel through the postal service any quicker than regular mail does. is it just me, or have a lot of things I've ordered recently taken forever to get to me? man, I really hope they get here by friday. that would suck if I had to start late. of course, I could blame it on the mail if I don't finish in time, since I won't be able to blame it on the needles. but, chances are, the blame fill fall entirely on my own lazy butt.

isa's hooded cardigan, size 9M, has been dismantled and is ready to become a size 12M. a little sad, but also quite exciting. I bet she can't wait. this is what it will look like, except it'll be green, with a nice pink edging. and no hat. it just seems silly to have a hat with a pompom with a hooded cardigan, don'tcha think?

trying something new 2.07.2006 |

I have once again been inspired by all those awesome knit-bloggers out there. I mean, good lord, there are like thousands of blogs out there and all the knitters that have them make the most amazing stuff!

I've really wanted to try knitting lace for a while now, but I've been seriously scared. I had tried (unsuccessfully) to do some pattern or another (I don't remember which now) using rowan kidsilk haze, but got so confused and lost count too many times that I just gave up. so, the other night, I decided to just try a simple pattern with a non-fuzzy yarn so that I could keep better track of what I was doing.

I chose the traveling vine pattern, cuz I thought it was cute and it didn't seem too complicated. and I used some dale of norway baby ull that I had orignally planned on using for my olympic challenge baby sweater, but had swapped out for another color. anyway, it took me freaking forever to get thru two pattern repeats, which is only 24 rows. and when I say freaking forever, I mean like almost two hours! I only did three repeats across, which, plus the selvage, is only 30 stitches. of course, there was a lot of tinking involved. but I think I'm catching on, and hopefully my knitting speed will pick up soon. maybe it'll turn into a scarf. maybe it'll turn into a pile on the floor... let's hope it's not the latter.

here's what it is starting to look like (except not purple - I'm using a green). I would have taken a picture of my actual work, but, unfortunately, I'm at work and it's at home, keeping an eye on my stash for me. or maybe it's watching the view. I really have little control over it.

yellow and blue make green - it's sealed! 2.03.2006 |

you know, no matter how big of a slacker I've been all week, no matter how many things I've procrastinated on or forgotten to do, no matter whether or not I remembered to charge my cell phone or do the laundry or watch dancing with the stars, the week always rewards me with a friday, followed closely by a saturday and sunday. I mean, half the time, I don't deserve it. but the week is not stingy. thank God!

I've always been a sucker for ads, whether in print, or on television. which, I realize, is not something to be proud of. but it often results in finding cute and/or useful things. more on the useful than cute side, yesterday, I finally broke down and bought some of those gimongoid ziploc bags that they've been hawking in between all the shows I watch. there is something really exciting about huge ziploc bags. I kinda just want to put one sandwich or one oreo in there and see how it looks, even though I know full well it could hold about 100 sandwiches. actually, that's also an exciting thought. 100 sandwiches! there's also a little warning picture on the bag of a little baby with the circle with a slash over it. like it's screaming "no babies!" how do they know that when people see something that could easily fit a child or small animal inside, that they are naturally compelled to try it?

anyway, I bought the bags to store yarn, but I think I'll only need two out of the four that came in the package. one for the yarn and one for the baby. I think I'll bring the other two to sunday's superbowl party, so I can take home leftovers.

oh frabjous day! callooh! callay! 2.02.2006 |

please pay no mind to the previous post. because... well, I imagine the photo can speak for itself. if you like handmade yarns, click on the photo. super friendly service and so so cute yarn! how can you go wrong? sign up for her mailing list, though - stuff goes so fast that if you blink too hard, it's gone. lucky me, I got some before it was all sold out. yum yum yarn! I'm getting hungry just looking at it.

*sob* |

I still haven't received the super cute yarn I mentioned yesterday, so I decided to send an email to the yarn-lady and see what was up. to my dismay, I received this response:

Wow, I'm a little concerned that you haven't received
the yarn yet... It was sent out on the 26th via Priority
Mail! Here's the tracking number for you (which is
unfortunately pointless until the yarn actually shows up,
as it doesn't track the progress of the yarn)...
#(tracking # removed)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it shows up
within the next day or so... PLEASE let me know if it
doesn't show up by Saturday. :-( I *have* had cases
where it's taken 5-7 business days via Priority to go
from here (Richmond, VA) to the west coast, but more
often than not, it's more like 3-4 tops. *Crossing
fingers really tightly over here*

Again, please let me know if it doesn't show up by this
weekend and I'll see if I can somehow track it down.

Take care,
oh, the sadness!! I hope the yarn just decided to do some sightseeing on his trip across the country and will be showing up soon. if he took a detour to visit the national parks in utah, I can forigve him because I will totally understand. come home soon, little yarn! momma's waiting!

the thrill of the chase 2.01.2006 |

there is something truly addicting about cute yarn. I think it's because of the possibilities that each skein holds. it's a good thing that no one really comes into my office much, because a lot of time, I'm leaning in close to my monitor, gasping and grinning at pictures of cute yarn online. I start daydreaming about what I could possibly make with it, and in which color and how cute I (or whoever) would look wearing it. it's practically intoxicating. it usually takes more willpower than I possess to actually stop myself from making a purchase. luckily, it usually takes more money than I possess as well. but the few times that I do break down and say 'yes! send me some yarn!' I am overcome with a giddiness that can only be understood by fellow yarn addicts.

maybe it's a sickness. I don't know. it can't be healthy to be addicted to what is basically glorified string. to be constantly checking the ups tracking site to see if maybe - just maybe! - it might come early. but when I finally get it in my hands and I can squish it between my fingers and rub it against my cheeks, I'm in heaven! I can't wait to drop my current half-finished project, which has since lost it's hold on me, and start knitting away at something new and fun and exciting! swatching always seems to take too long - I'm always itching to just get started on the real thing.

then, when I actually do get started, it is pure bliss, imagining how it's going to look and feel when it's all done, feeling the needles and yarn slipping through my fingers, watching as that ball of yarn turns into something with substance and promise. I can knit happily for days like that. but that's when things take a horrible turn. because I would have since discovered even cuter yarn! other yarn with even more possibilities! project ideas fly here and there as I start scrolling through the pattern books in my mind. and when one of those yarns finally calls out my name, I am done for, yet again.

that cute yarn that was turning into that cute project has now lost it's glow. it's now just another unfinished project sitting in the corner of my room, piled on top of other unrealized daydreams and hundreds of skeins of shame. the growing mountain of yarn and needles and patterns mocks me each and every night, but I have learned to block them out, because I have more pressing matters at hand. like what I'm going to do with this yumminess... it's coming to a mailbox near me any day now! and I can hardly contain my excitement. please pray for me. I am a sick, sick girl.