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yellow and blue make green - it's sealed!

you know, no matter how big of a slacker I've been all week, no matter how many things I've procrastinated on or forgotten to do, no matter whether or not I remembered to charge my cell phone or do the laundry or watch dancing with the stars, the week always rewards me with a friday, followed closely by a saturday and sunday. I mean, half the time, I don't deserve it. but the week is not stingy. thank God!

I've always been a sucker for ads, whether in print, or on television. which, I realize, is not something to be proud of. but it often results in finding cute and/or useful things. more on the useful than cute side, yesterday, I finally broke down and bought some of those gimongoid ziploc bags that they've been hawking in between all the shows I watch. there is something really exciting about huge ziploc bags. I kinda just want to put one sandwich or one oreo in there and see how it looks, even though I know full well it could hold about 100 sandwiches. actually, that's also an exciting thought. 100 sandwiches! there's also a little warning picture on the bag of a little baby with the circle with a slash over it. like it's screaming "no babies!" how do they know that when people see something that could easily fit a child or small animal inside, that they are naturally compelled to try it?

anyway, I bought the bags to store yarn, but I think I'll only need two out of the four that came in the package. one for the yarn and one for the baby. I think I'll bring the other two to sunday's superbowl party, so I can take home leftovers.

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