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and the angels rejoice!

hooray! happy chinese new year and happy finished clapotis!! so hank #7 finally made it to my mailbox on saturday afternoon. amazingly, it was the same dye-lot as the rest of the yarn. what are the chances? the color I was using was sold out everywhere by the time I realized I needed more and this was the last place that seemed to carry it. they were all from dye-lot 'A'. it must've been one huge lot, since the first six hanks I bought came from canada. anyway, it's done! and now I'm trying to decide whether or not to block it. and I'm also wondering how come the girl on knitty looks so much cuter in hers than I look wearing mine. I think I need to go to france and try wearing it there.

I must mention how much I love my mobilemate by sandisk. how else would I be able to post pictures on my blog while at work? consider this a shameless plug for the best flash products in the world. everyone go and buy sandisk stuff now. go. right now.

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