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the thrill of the chase

there is something truly addicting about cute yarn. I think it's because of the possibilities that each skein holds. it's a good thing that no one really comes into my office much, because a lot of time, I'm leaning in close to my monitor, gasping and grinning at pictures of cute yarn online. I start daydreaming about what I could possibly make with it, and in which color and how cute I (or whoever) would look wearing it. it's practically intoxicating. it usually takes more willpower than I possess to actually stop myself from making a purchase. luckily, it usually takes more money than I possess as well. but the few times that I do break down and say 'yes! send me some yarn!' I am overcome with a giddiness that can only be understood by fellow yarn addicts.

maybe it's a sickness. I don't know. it can't be healthy to be addicted to what is basically glorified string. to be constantly checking the ups tracking site to see if maybe - just maybe! - it might come early. but when I finally get it in my hands and I can squish it between my fingers and rub it against my cheeks, I'm in heaven! I can't wait to drop my current half-finished project, which has since lost it's hold on me, and start knitting away at something new and fun and exciting! swatching always seems to take too long - I'm always itching to just get started on the real thing.

then, when I actually do get started, it is pure bliss, imagining how it's going to look and feel when it's all done, feeling the needles and yarn slipping through my fingers, watching as that ball of yarn turns into something with substance and promise. I can knit happily for days like that. but that's when things take a horrible turn. because I would have since discovered even cuter yarn! other yarn with even more possibilities! project ideas fly here and there as I start scrolling through the pattern books in my mind. and when one of those yarns finally calls out my name, I am done for, yet again.

that cute yarn that was turning into that cute project has now lost it's glow. it's now just another unfinished project sitting in the corner of my room, piled on top of other unrealized daydreams and hundreds of skeins of shame. the growing mountain of yarn and needles and patterns mocks me each and every night, but I have learned to block them out, because I have more pressing matters at hand. like what I'm going to do with this yumminess... it's coming to a mailbox near me any day now! and I can hardly contain my excitement. please pray for me. I am a sick, sick girl.

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