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olympic empathy

yesterday, leaving work, I realized I'd forgotten my leftovers from lunch on my desk. so I decided to run back into the office to get it. of course, I wouldn't say I was really running - more like moving faster than walking, but certainly not qualifying as jogging. I *leap* over the curb and upon my landing, I feel a sharp pain in my groin. I pulled my groin basically walking fast to get a styrofoam box of rice and meat. how pathetic is that?? I had to limp back to my car and it hurt to drive. sigh. ok, I guess it wasn't really a pull, cuz it went away about an hour later. but still. for an hour, I was like, dude, I totally know how michelle kwan must feel.

I finally got a new friend. I'm gonna miss old kate, but she's definitely not gone forever. she will always be my favorite. but I am pretty excited about all the pockets! pockets galore! fourteen of them! my old bag had three. it was so hard to find stuff in there. although, I'm not sure that having fourteen pockets is going to help that much. I'll just be searching through all the pockets instead of digging around at the bottom. but whatever - it's green, it's new and it's mine! big enough for all my stuff, plus isa's, plus some knitting if I ever need to take it with me somewhere, and also big enough for herbie, in case he ever wants to go for a ride. woot!

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