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it feels like the night before going camping. when I was little, I had the hardest time sleeping the night before a family trip to yosemite or sequoia or big sur or wherever it was that we were going to go camping the next day. it's how some kids probably feel on christmas eve or when they know they'll be in disneyland the next morning. the first and last time I went to disneyland was in 1984. I was six. captain eo had not yet opened. and that is pretty much all I remember. that, and going to universal studios to find that k.i.t.t. was broken. yes... this was back in the day when michael jackson wasn't a psycho yet and david hasselhoff was as cool as cool could get. but I totally digress.

I am giddy with excitement for the olympics!! I actually feel like I can do it. I actually feel like I can finish the sweater! maybe it's knowing that there are over 4000 other knitters around the world who are experiencing the olympic spirit. waiting for 2pm to roll around is pointless, because I'm stuck at work until 5. I feel like I need to hold a pencil in each hand just so I can pretend that I'm part of the action. it's taking every ounce of mental strength to focus on working. obviously, it's not working, because I'm blogging. but, whatever. none of this matters because, at the end of the day, I get to go home and knit non-stop for the next sixteen days! I hope my boss doesn't actually expect me to show up here next week...

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