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trying something new

I have once again been inspired by all those awesome knit-bloggers out there. I mean, good lord, there are like thousands of blogs out there and all the knitters that have them make the most amazing stuff!

I've really wanted to try knitting lace for a while now, but I've been seriously scared. I had tried (unsuccessfully) to do some pattern or another (I don't remember which now) using rowan kidsilk haze, but got so confused and lost count too many times that I just gave up. so, the other night, I decided to just try a simple pattern with a non-fuzzy yarn so that I could keep better track of what I was doing.

I chose the traveling vine pattern, cuz I thought it was cute and it didn't seem too complicated. and I used some dale of norway baby ull that I had orignally planned on using for my olympic challenge baby sweater, but had swapped out for another color. anyway, it took me freaking forever to get thru two pattern repeats, which is only 24 rows. and when I say freaking forever, I mean like almost two hours! I only did three repeats across, which, plus the selvage, is only 30 stitches. of course, there was a lot of tinking involved. but I think I'm catching on, and hopefully my knitting speed will pick up soon. maybe it'll turn into a scarf. maybe it'll turn into a pile on the floor... let's hope it's not the latter.

here's what it is starting to look like (except not purple - I'm using a green). I would have taken a picture of my actual work, but, unfortunately, I'm at work and it's at home, keeping an eye on my stash for me. or maybe it's watching the view. I really have little control over it.

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