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daaaa daaaa da da da da da

in case you can't tell, that's the first few notes of the olympic anthem. two days to go! two days for my addi turbos to come in the mail. two days for me to gather my wits and stretch my fingers and prepare my butt for hours of sitting on the couch. two days to figure out how to fashion a beer hat out of regular household items so that I won't get dehydrated during the following 16 days.

it's official, people! check it out - me, and all the other susans of the knitting world, on the official knitting olympics list. we should form our own team. team susan.

so, I ordered some addi turbos (my first!) because I have heard about how fast one can knit with them. I am a bit skeptical, but I've heard it enough times to begin believing that it must be true. ok, fine. I only had to hear it once... as I mentioned in my last post, I'm a total sucker for cool products. anyway, we'll see if they work. sadly, as fast as they might make me knit, it doesn't seem like they travel through the postal service any quicker than regular mail does. is it just me, or have a lot of things I've ordered recently taken forever to get to me? man, I really hope they get here by friday. that would suck if I had to start late. of course, I could blame it on the mail if I don't finish in time, since I won't be able to blame it on the needles. but, chances are, the blame fill fall entirely on my own lazy butt.

isa's hooded cardigan, size 9M, has been dismantled and is ready to become a size 12M. a little sad, but also quite exciting. I bet she can't wait. this is what it will look like, except it'll be green, with a nice pink edging. and no hat. it just seems silly to have a hat with a pompom with a hooded cardigan, don'tcha think?

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  • Blogger TutleyMutley says so:
    11:52 AM  

    There ARE rather a lot of Susans aren't there? There's another one living next door to me.
    I dropped by because I thought your blog name was neat. *waves* top