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hopelessly devoted

maybe it's more addicted than devoted. to american idol, that is. I love love love it. but ai and pms do not go well together. it made me all weepy. I cried when people sucked, I cried when people were great, I cried when people cried, I cried at some really god-awful outfits, I cried at commercials inbetween. I am a blubbering idiot.

on a totally separate note, I think the package delivery world is out to get me. what is going on?? first, the noro lady forgets to send my yarn until a week after I order it, then my yummy yarn takes over a week to arrive for no understandable reason, then my addis were backordered and only shipped yesterday (will they get here before tomorrow?? no idea!), and now some toys I ordered for isa got delivered to the wrong place. maybe this is God's way of telling me to stop buying stuff. it's ok, though. there will be no time for shopping once the olympics begin! torino, here I come!

fedex has redeemed itself. they got my package back! man, these people really know how to make sure things don't get damaged. looks like we got a little pink stowaway.

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