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let it snow!

once every four years, for two straight weeks, I actually find myself loving snow and ice. not being in it, just seeing on tv. what is it that is so addicting about the olympics? the thing that seems to suck me in is all the little mini-documentaries that they like to show about the athletes, chronicling their individual journeys to their (hopefully) history making olympic moments. everyone seems to have such awesome stories. my life is so boring in comparison. maybe that's why I'm in the knitting olympics and not the actual olympics... anyway, I feel so connected to and find myself rooting for these people whom I have never met and whom I hadn't even heard of until two days ago - just by watching them on tv. I love the olympics. I can't even quite express how much I love them. it's like the whole world comes together to play. how much fun is that? I think this is the only time I truly feel proud to be an american. and chinese. and to own a tv. and I'm actually bummed that there is a new desperate housewives and grey's anatomy on. good thing my vcr works and I have a blank tape.

by the way, I love the coke commercial with the boy cheerleaders. it is so awesome. and I am getting really annoyed by these commentators for the men's downhill. they are like YELLING their commentary. I can't tell if it's because they're excited or because they are pretending they are chinese people on the phone. either way, it doesn't seem to be helping the americans. they're sucking big time!!

anyway, back to the sweater - I'm making decent progress, but I don't want to get too excited. it's hard enough trying not to think of all the other projects that I have waiting for me. I just have to keep thinking about how cute isa's going to look wearing this. hopefully as a sweater, not as a headband.

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  • Blogger TutleyMutley says so:
    12:00 PM  

    Is Isa your daughter? When I first spotted the name I didn't realise it was and thought it was a saving scheme like we have in the UK (stands for Individual Savings Account!).
    I'm waffling and practising work avoidance techniques. I apologise for commenting all over your blog. slinks away. top