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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

knitting for people who are smaller than me

it is really amazing just how lazy I have been knitting-wise since january hit. what is it, like march or something now? I've decided to stop thinking about time and where it has gone. it's not good for morale. to get back into the groove of things, I decided (was forced) to make some stuff for the little people.

remember how I was all, "I love these merry-janes and I'm going to make them for all the girl babies in the world!"? well, I started a pair for a friend's niece back in... um... a long time ago... and for some reason, just never finished them. since then, everyone's been popping out boy babies and nothing else. and I had been so busy procrastinating that the intended recipient is probably in college now and her feet have surely grown, so they languished in my knitting basket until last weekend's baby shower. finally, someone I know is having a baby girl! and I finally made myself finish them - and the baby's not even born yet. how's that for beating a deadline?

once that was taken care of, I still wasn't feeling quite up to another project, for reasons unknown (would rather sleep). but isa decided that she would motivate me by demanding a rainbow hat. with a flower! she's quite the smooth talker and the rainbodessa was born in just a few nights.

so, that's two projects done in as many weeks. amazing, I know. try not to be blinded by my awesomeness. and now I feel the need to start on something that is me-sized for when things start to warm up around here. maybe this. the weather cleared up over the weekend, but if you ask me, it's way too soon! can we just have a few more weeks of dreariness? I'm just not ready for the impending doom of summer that spring inevitably brings. I feel sweaty just thinking about it.

but I've got a happy place I can go to now. right in my own living room! I found myself staring at this corner for longer than is healthy, just smiling and sighing. happy.

I may have gone just a teensy bit crazy trying to get my hands on some orla kiely target madness a few weeks back (do not ask to see the rest of it - I am a little embarrassed). people who understand applauded my efforts. just about everyone else questioned my sanity. please don't tell them I went to like 12 different targets more times than I can count just to get something to put my yarn in. also, please don't tell those same people that this is only like 2% of the yarn I actually have. it will a little secret between me and the internet. shhh....

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  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    6:09 PM  

    ack! that corner is pure awesomeness! i too would stare at it forever and sigh with sheer joy. and don't think i didn't notice what those merry-janes are sitting on. ahem. they're so cute! and the hat is so fun! yaaay! man you've been productive! :D top

  • Blogger Hege says so:
    12:21 AM  

    Love your corner! Wish I had a similar :)
    And those Mary Janes are so cute! top

  • Blogger Solveig says so:
    12:14 PM  

    What a beautiful rainbow hat!!!
    Did you follow a pattern?
    Made it yourself? Or did you buy it somewhere? I want to knit one too!! :) top

  • Blogger [J] says so:
    1:24 PM  

    Your yarn + needles look so great in those canisters! top

  • Blogger Traci says so:
    4:15 PM  

    You are high on my hero list for your determination in pursuing Orla. Amazing. Inspiring even. :) And man, I do believe it paid off. That corner with it's perfectly placed knitting goodies is a thing of beauty (and can we talk about how I never found those canisters in store so ordered them online and STILL haven't gotten them?).

    Also, LOVE the booties. And LOVE the rainbow hat. top

  • Blogger meredith cheng - munaluna says so:
    9:44 AM  

    you are a knitting marvel! I really want to learn how to knit...I'm getting some friends together to teach me! oh, and those orla kiely holders look perfect for your knitting supplies! I want to see more! top

  • Blogger mel ip says so:
    11:51 AM  

    wow, you have been busy! I always love your work. :) And I love that corner, too. I have a room that is painted with a similar green as the large container--I'm so tempted to get one, too, although it sounds like it might be difficult, based on your own experience. Nonetheless, your persistence paid off! Glad to see that you guys have been doing well! top