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I bumped into a client in the hallway at work this morning and had the following exchange:

client: hey! I've been meaning to talk to you!
me: hey, what's up?
c: you like kittens, right?
m: ... um... I do?
c: yeah!
m: oh, what makes you say that?
c: you know, your car...
m: uh huh....
c: the license plate!
m: (trying to put two and two together and not doing a great job)
c: you know, it says "kittens are better...?"
m: (light bulb goes on!) HAHAHA!!!
c: (looks confused)
m: you mean knitters?
c: oh? is that what it says? anyway, you want a kitten?

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    12:44 PM  

    oh jeez. that's hilarious and eye-rolling at the same time! haha top