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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

bad photos ahead!

man, this weekend was action packed! so much action that I'm on the verge of falling asleep. I'm just going to skip all the stuff that you probably don't care about and go straight to the real excitement!

saturday, I went to visit my friend who moved to campbell a few months ago. (I know! I'm such a bad friend! she moved in 2007! I suck!) before leaving my house saturday morning, I suddenly remembered that I had seen something somewhere about a new lys opening up in downtown campbell. so I double checked online that it was there for reals and then headed out the door. somehow, I managed to convince my two non-knitting friends to accompany me to the store. either they are very good friends or they were really bored. or both. that is beside the point. turns out! it was opening day down at green planet yarn! hooray!

seriously - what's more exciting than going to a new yarn shop than going to a new yarn shop when it's more new than it will ever be again? because, hello! swag!
how awesome is all this stuff? a very handy, eco-friendly swtc tote, four metal earth buttons, a sample of tofutsies, and five (holy cow!) free patterns. are you upset you didn't get to go too? yeah. I understand. anyway, super cute shop. lots of yarns I'd never seen before, lots of which were eco-friendly. of course, I bought some that wasn't (in upper corner of photo. for a baby gift). haha. they had lots of brown sheep. and... uh... lots of stuff. go look at the list of stuff they carry, since my memory isn't so great. the shop isn't huge, but it's laid out well and it looks like they made a great use of the space. they even had a little table with drawing pads and crayons, which isa broke in nicely. the staff was friendly and inviting too. I will definitely be back! and I'll be sure to bring my eco-friendly yarn shopping bag.

not sure if the rest of my weekend will really be all that interesting to anyone besides myself. so, instead, I leave you with this photo of my tv, paused on alan wong's obviously disgusted face.

I feel ya, alan. you're so angry, your little eyebrows are about to jump right off your forehead. I, too, would like to jump off your forehead, because, apparently, this is a big enough deal that they had to spend roughly 5 minutes of the 11:00 news talking about it. pardon me while I go cry myself to sleep. thank you.

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