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meet "starheart."

that's what isa decided to name the mermaid I crocheted for her. that's right. you heard me. I crocheted. me! I think I'm really starting to get the hang of this. except for the part where I'm not completely sure how to count. but, whatever. she looks pretty good, doesn't she? I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself.

the pattern is from owlishly. I bought it months ago, but have been too scared to try it. luckily, it really wasn't so bad. crochet intimidates me in a way that knitting never has. and I seriously have no idea why. it's easier to rip back - except for the part where I don't know when to stop. and even though I finished this, I'm still scared! what is wrong with me?

anyway, isa loves her. but I'm not sure if she can quite understand the magnitude of it all. all she knows is one night, she played with a tan colored ball with eyeballs and the next morning it had hair. and then she instructed me to first add arms, then a body and tail, and then boobies. she has no idea that that hair took me over four hours to make. and those boobies! man. I freaking embroidered them! but I'm most proud of the little starfish hair thing. it came out so so cute.

I have a couple more of mia's patterns which I really do plan on eventually trying. maybe I'll do the dinosaur next. he has no hair. thank goodness!

see starheart on rav!

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  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    10:43 PM  

    o m g! i can't believe you made that. it's just insane. in an awesome way of course!! i've no idea how you made the hair, but it looks great and i can see how it took you forever! i love the little starfish! also, it's a lot bigger than i imagined! too cute :) top

  • Blogger Hege says so:
    11:52 PM  

    SO cute! top