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nothing new or exciting

things are about to get pretty boring around here, since all my knitting time is basically focused on finishing my second elfine. and finishing by this weekend is starting to look unlikely. sad!

I was just noticing that my little flickr badge thing over there on the sidebar is really dull. almost everything I've made seems to be pink or some shade of grey/black/brown... have you fallen asleep yet? I'm not totally sure why I always use such blah colors. I wouldn't say I'm a terribly boring person or anything. but even my wardrobe tends towards all solid colored clothing. and basically just varying shades of the same colors too. *yawn*

man, I'm even boring myself now.

oh! here's something slightly interesting (to me at least). I read in our local paper that there has been a string of mail thievings (thievery? stealerings? what is that called?) in my city. some lady had her son's graduation announcements stolen out of her mailbox and they were replaced with her neighbor's shredded billsl! what's that all about? kinda creepy, huh? so, apparently, this was not an isolated incident - it's been happening all over town. the postmaster (who is this postmaster? sounds so ominous) says we should all drop off our mail in the blue boxes and pick up our mail from our mailboxes as soon as it's dropped off. unfortunately, I have this job thing that keeps me from being home all day to wait for my mail and now I'm starting to get just slightly paranoid...

also, I got a blocking board finally! well, I ordered one, but it's not here yet. I am quite excited, even though I'm starting to feel like I'm going to make it my life's purpose to knit socks (which seem to be the only things that doesn't require a blocking board) until my fingers turn blue. we'll see how that goes.

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