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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

we got a hot one!

am I the only one who is finding randy jackson painfully irritating this season? was he this bad before? I just wish he'd stop talking already. and I really wish I'd started knitting lace earlier. if only I hadn't been so intimidated by all those weird, foreign looking abbreviations and the long long pattern repeats - and the charts! all that ssk, sl1 k2tog psso, k2tog tbl, yfwd... wtf? and then all that / o \ business... it's like learning a new language! if only I'd had some fancy lace knitting friends or a friendly lys that wasn't so far away to help me decifer the code. but since I've discovered the amazing world of knitblogs (where did I ever spend all my online hours before??), I have been so motivated to just suck it up and do it however I can and not glance back for a single moment! and, as I had hoped, subsequent repeats of the butterfly trim are going much more smoothly and quickly for me. I'm learning! *whew* I'd post pictures, but it is just embarrassing how slowly I'm going. because, of course, "quickly" for me is still slower than pretty much any analogy that I would be able to think of if I weren't so sleep deprived that I can barely keep track of which eye I should blink when, let alone come up with well worded analogies for my blog. I'm just going to blink them both at once so I don't get too confused. wait, what? where am I? it's true, isa's sleeping really badly these days, for some reason I just can't quite figure out, and it's not only making me crazy from lack of sleep, but she keeps getting up to scream at me during prime knitting time! needless to say, that doesn't help my snail's pace lace knitting. why am I knitting lace when I've still got my olympic shame to finish? *sigh* God willing, she will resume her good sleeping habits and knitting will get done and tv will get watched and I can regain my sanity some time in the near future. oh, man, I've even reverted to my giant paragraphing ways (not to mention the many run on sentences). and I am way too tired to even think about going back and breaking this up into easier to read chunks. sorry, frailb - I know my giant paragraphs make you crazy. but you don't read my blog anyway, so there. and here's a pic of a cute thai baby - just cuz pictures are fun.

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  • Blogger aija says so:
    12:00 AM  

    Cute babies wearing "playboy bunny" shirts are doubly fun :) top