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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.


today is sharp pencil day. mmm... makes me wanna go and write something down. maybe my number for that cute guy over there. just kidding! what cute guy?? there aren't any cute guys in my office - not even the ups guy is cute. life is rough around these parts.

on top of the lack of cute boys, I decided to make my life even rougher and give up shopping for lent. I dunno why I decided to even observe lent this year. I remember in college (where I learned that there was even such a thing as lent) one year, it had gotten unusually warm and sunny the week of lent and a friend of mine decided that year, that he would give up pants. he felt rather clever, and walked around in shorts, feeling all smug and holy. until a day or two later. when the michigan weather gods decided to go back to their usual ways and unleashed their snowy fury for the next few weeks on us poor kids trapped in the midwest. he stuck to his decision to wear shorts for the rest of the 40 days until easter, but was humbled in realizing that he should not make a mockery of God's holy observances. what was I talking about? oh, right. shopping. so I decided to give up shopping (yes, including yarn! how will I do it?!) and then got home last night to find this in my mailbox:
what is this? do I subscribe to this? is this some sick joke? what's going on? and the real burning question I must ask: do I need new shoes?

post script...
I just got my rowan 37 in the mail! my coworkers think I'm a crazy shopaholic - I get stuff here at least once a week and every time one of them hands me a package, I can see that they think I have a problem. well, whatever. who cares what they think? they're not cute boys. anyway, can I just say "ooooohhh"? this is my very first rowan mag. it was quite the splurge, but I really want to make butterfly! the rest of the issue is quite tasty too, altho, there are beginning traces of what will eventually become planet rowan, the dreaded place where wayward knit designers and models who have been bad are exiled to. and as long as we are on the topic of freaky islands of exile, did anyone else think that the multiple flashbacks of giant syringes on last night's lost was totally unnecessary? I missed a whole bunch of flashbackiness because I was afraid to look at the tv once the creepy "claire's remembering somethng!" music started.

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