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vroom vroom!

how cool is this? I'm getting lightheaded just thinking about spending 10 months knitting any one thing. in one color. I'm sure those are 10 months of actual knitting, unlike the 10 inactive months I've spent "working" on quite a number of things.

almost done with the elfines! I'm gonna make it!

in other news, I recently joined socknitters and have learned, via one of the messages, that I've been ssk'ing wrong! apparently, you're supposed to k tbl, which is not what I was doing. I think it looks ok when I just knit normally. hm. well, guess I'll have to do it the right way with my next project. which will be... oh right... finishing the cardigan. and my second thuja sock. and the reversible rib shawl. oh, right, and that damn baby sweater (where damn modifies sweater, not baby), which I just realized hasn't been touched since april! dang. ET phone home! the ufo's are circling!

I also got a bunch of the yarn I've been ordering in the last week or so. I forgot to take a picture, tho, so that will come next time. in the meantime, for a mental picture: everyone is living together in a big usps box, having a grand ole party in my bedroom! doing... whatever it is yarn does when you're not looking. probably getting into all sorts of trouble. frankly, I'd really rather not know.

ps. I'm slovenly!

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