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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.


believe it or not, I've been knitting and actually finishing things I've started! amazing, I know. some things I can't show, since they're christmas gifts, but I do have a few that have already been gifted for non-christmas occasions...

my good friend, traci, had a baby shower about a month ago. she had mentioned these animal body parts from oeuf a while back, and I was all "so cute! so expensive..." so I did my best to create some budget versions for use as props in the photo booth and now she can keep them for her little one to play dress up with.

and... the actual gift I made didn't quite make it to the shower. I stayed up really late the night before, attempting to finish it and just could not get the hood to lay the way I wanted it to! it was driving me crazy and the yarn was a pain to work with, so I decided to throw in the towel since I was so tired by that point in time that I couldn't quite see straight anymore. several days later, I finally finished it and was so happy with how it came out!
wild thing
I stupidly threw the tail in the dryer and it turned all fuzzy. sigh. the good news is that it is now safe and sound at home with traci, waiting for its rightful owner to start the wild rumpus!

the pattern is from splendor knitting and was really simple, aside from the hood not getting along with the yarn I used. I only changed a couple of things: I didn't use the plastic stuff for the ears and just went down a few needle sizes and they stand up just fine, and I didn't follow the pattern for the tail.

once the hoodie was done, the weather took quite a turn from way too warm to really really cold. which is when I realized that isa's ladybug mittens are right on the verge of being too small. luckily, she already had something in mind.
shark mittens
these were super fun to make! I found some random label-less stuff in the depths of the stash and whipped these up in a couple of nights. I love them! I originally planned to use this pattern, but ended up just improvising my own version instead.

finally, I think I am in love with whoopie pies. so so yum.
whoopie 2

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  • Blogger Yoli says so:
    12:02 PM  

    I saw it on her blog, it is absolutely beautiful! Those cookies made me hungry. top

  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    3:03 PM  

    omg i love isa mittens!! and those whoopie pies look REALLY good. mmm. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    8:56 AM  

    I love, love, LOVE the shark mittens. Is there anyway I can purchase one from you?

    My email is ct_3469@hotmail.com. Please let me know!!! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:25 PM  

    ok so Yeah I love the wild things costume and have to have the pattern! also would love a whoopie pie, sweet! top

  • Blogger Kerry says so:
    12:51 AM  

    I hadn't heard of whoopie pies until a few weeks ago and now they seem to be everywhere. Definitely going to try making some soon.

    Gorgeous knitting. top

  • Blogger Amy says so:
    10:11 AM  

    Hello. My name is Amy and I am a friend of Traci and Herman's. We are wanting to send them a gift card for a meal (maybe pizza?) and was wondering if you could give any suggestions as to their preference and places nearby them? I don't know any other ways to contact you, so I thought I would try your blog. Thanks so much. (You can e-mail me at mybackyardview@gmail.com.) ~Amy top