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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

friday randomness

those who have ridden in my car or followed me in my car know that I am a victim of the red light curse. as in, no matter where I'm going, I hit ALL the red lights. of course, it goes into high gear whenever I'm in a rush to get anywhere or am already in a bad mood. but, when I want to take my time or need a couple seconds to be stopped to do something, I hit all greens! what gives? for example, this morning, I wanted to take some pictures of the snow on the hills, but I seriously hit all green lights the whole way to work! of course, as I neared mcdonald's, I realized I had a lot of extra time, so I pulled off and got some tasty breakfast. and some pictures. look at this craziness. what is up with the weather this year? has the earth tilted off it's axis or something? not that I'm complaining. I prefer 40 degrees to 80 any day.

I was trying to close the stream for my morning radio show that I often listen to at work and it got stuck like a broken record! so crazy - it was some commercial with some kid talking to his dad and his dad said that when he was in high school, they used to call him velvet, "you know, smooth." to which the kid responds "I don't get it." and so what I heard over and over again, in rapid succession, for the last two minutes was "smooth. I don't get it. smooth. I don't get it. smooth. I don't get it. smooth..." it was so annoying, yet amusing at the same time. I managed to finally get it to stop. whew. someone hand me my coffee, quick.

it's day 10 of lent. this came to me in the mail yesterday. I wonder if there is a piece in there about my consumer habits, considering I am a consumer on this globe in the 21st century. I haven't read it yet, but I suspect there are a lot of people out there who also have a problem with shopping too much. and I don't think the giant pictures of bags and shoes are helping any of us.

last bit of randomness for this week... I think I'm going bald. no, not the top of my head, but the front. as in my eyelashes have been falling out at an alarming rate. I dig them out of my eyeballs on what seems to be a daily basis. sometimes there are even two or three in one eye at a time! is this normal? should I be concerned? and why do they fall in and not out? I don't think I'd be too worried if I actually had nice full eyelashes with lots to spare, but really, it's hard enough to work with what I have. this is just ridiculous.

ok, that's enough ranting for today. it's friday! woot!!

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  • Blogger Left Coast Knitter says so:
    8:48 AM  

    WooHoo- snow in the hills! Yay!

    Kristin in Pleasanton top

  • Blogger jae says so:
    11:25 AM  

    my eyelashes fall out too! somehow I dont seem to miss them when I look in the mirror...as long as your hair isnt falling out, its probably nothing to worry about. top