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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

can I get a drumroll, please?

presenting... elfine's for elaine! ta-da! here they are all finished:
and here they are all washed and ready to go:
pattern: elfine's socks, by anna bell
finished: june 16, 2006
yarn: cherry tree hill supersock, life's a beach colorway
needles: susan bates quicksilver us1 24" circular and 7" dpns
gauge: ~8 spi in st st (not sure on row gauge... who cares? they fit great!!)
size: women's 8-9 shoe
changes: sherman heel in place of wrapped short rows; k1p1 cuff in place of garter stitch cuff; otherwise, pretty much followed the pattern as is
blocking: decided to just wash and lay flat. I was afraid that if I tried to block out the lace pattern that they would be too big.
final thoughts: love love love them!! my first finished pair of socks, but definitely not my last. not sure how the yarn will hold up, since after multiple rippings and re-doings of the heel and many trying ons, it started to look a little fuzzy around the edges. after the wash, they looked ok, though. I would love to make these again, since I loved them so much that I started to have second thoughts about giving them away... I want a pair for myself!
here is a glaring mistake I found right above the heel on the second sock (looks like a k2tog'ed when I should have ssk'ed) that I decided to ignore. who looks back there anyway, right? we're just going to pretend everything is just fine.I received a few packages over the last week. here's the whole gang busy plotting my ultimate demise. they know they have more friends coming and I think they're going to be successful in taking me down. they obviously know what they're doing. look who they sent after me first:
that's fleece artist. he immediately jumped into my hands and declared, "I want to be potomotos!" I was far too weak to fight back or try and think of what the real name of those socks is. I was also too tired to get more than 3 rows of cuff done. but I am excited!

and, yes! that IS a ball winder! courtesy of miss (get a real blog) wendy! thanks, friend! I love it and I think it loves me too. altho, it laughed at my little tikes swift, so I think I might need to get it an accomplice one of these days...

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  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    11:27 AM  

    oooh, the socks look great!! and i love the personal label you put on it =)
    and yes, a swift would go nicely with your new ball winder... i got mine at the oregon woodworker: http://wood.charlestree.com/catalog/ top

  • Blogger aija says so:
    11:18 AM  

    Woohoo! Congrats on the elfine's, they're pretty :) top

  • Blogger Tricotine says so:
    1:59 PM  

    Great looking socks indeed! :)

    Isabelle aka Tricotine top

  • Blogger jae says so:
    8:05 AM  

    I love the colors of those elfine's. That green and yellow is a great combo.

    Ball winder! woweeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm excited for ya. top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    12:11 AM  

    ooh, I'm so jealous. Look at all that yarn!!! top