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eat me

the sweater continues to abuse me. I had to back away and do some baking instead. why does my knitting revolt? why does my brain cease to function when it comes into contact with wool and needles? I forgot to bind off for the armpit before starting the left side. and I didn't notice until about an hour or so later - when I'd gotten almost halfway done. such... frustration... no... words...!! so instead, I'm going to go stuff my face with 30 chocolate chip cookies and go to bed. mmrrfmmfffmmmrm... zzzzzzz...

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  • Blogger jae says so:
    11:17 AM  

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  • Blogger jae says so:
    11:18 AM  

    ohmigoodness! These cookies look fabulous, decadant and totally yummy. Sorry about your sweater. I have a love-hate relationship with knitting when these things happen. I can relate! top