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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.

happy ides of march!

so, a year ago, when I was hugely pregnant and feeling rather brain-dead, I decided to take an online iq test just to see if I had gotten stupid. luckily, things seemed to be going ok up there (that, or the test was really easy) and my iq appeared to be intact.

of course, I totally forgot all about it (just like I forget all about everything these days) until I got an email yesterday saying something along the lines of "it's been a year since you took your test! wanna take it again?" I figure, what the heck, let's see if a year of mommahood does anything to those poor, tired, over(under?)used synapses. and lo and behold... it's true. I've gotten stupider. it was the exact same test. in fact, I actually was like "oh yeahhh... I remember seeing this question before..." yet, I couldn't figure out the answers and my iq dropped two points! gah!

in other news... there is no other news. so, I leave you all with this picture of a big chinese banana. that is in no way intended to be dirty. for those of you who don't read chinese, the banana has the word "big" on it. how weird is that? ironically, it was the smallest one in the bunch. and, you know, I'm just going to stop talking about it, because I can think of all sorts of directions this could go and not a single one of those directions is clean... just stifle those giggles and look at the picture, ok? behold the wonders of chinese produce...

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    6:46 PM  

    hahahaha.. nice. i'm glad you documented the mysterious writing on the banana :) and as for that IQ test, maybe you're just extra tired today vs the last time you took it? -wendy top

  • Blogger Traci says so:
    9:18 PM  

    Congrats on bringing out the twelve year old boy in all of us....*wink*

    I second Wendy. Maybe you were just tired? I hear that having frequent sneezing attacks can do that. top