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how cute is this shirt? isa's birthday is coming up and I feel the overwhelming urge to spend large amounts of money buying her things she doesn't care about.

I've been having this sinking feeling lately that my desire to knit all day and night is beginning to wane. actually, I do really want to knit (or is it just that I want to have finished projects?), but trying to find the energy to do so is proving to be fruitless at the moment. since when did knitting take energy? when I was first learning how to knit, I would stay up for hours with just a pair of needles, a ball of yarn and my mom's knitting book from the 70s, propped up in my bed, trying to make sense of all the little diagrams and weird knitting lingo. I felt so triumphant when I was finally able to purl and started knitting yards and yards of seed stitch. there was such satisfaction in just being able to do the littlest thing.

in some ways, I feel like I've come so far. but then when I think about the whole wide world of knitting out there, I realize that there is so much more for me to learn! and I want to learn it! and I can't tell if I'm feeling unmotivated or maybe I'm daunted by all I don't know. but man, the slow-down of the last few weeks doesn't seem to be turning around. *sigh*

as for more exciting news, the yahoo group for my dorm from my freshman and sophomore years in college has experienced something of a resurrection in the last week or so. there's been a sudden surge of emails as people have been coming out of the woodwork like mad! it's been nice to read about what's been happening in people's lives in the last few years - both the good stuff and the not so good stuff. sometimes I feel a little sad that I went to school far away and that everyone I knew seemed to come from all over the place and after we graduated, we all kind of went our separate ways... especially since I am really terrible at keeping in touch with people. but, hooray for the internet and hi to any of my fellow alumni who just might have made it through all that boring knitting talk up there and have reached this part of this post. I've missed you! hello!!

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