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I'm the everywhere girl...

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

look at all those states I've visited! woowee! man, it sure makes it look like the gop has taken over, huh? *shudder* looks like I've got nine more states to visit. no offense to anyone who lives in those other places, but I think alaska is the only one of the nine I'm really feeling a need to go to. and, hey, what's with google counting dc as a state?

this reminds me of that one street smarts where all they did was ask people how many states there are in the usa. a scary amount of people thought 50 wasn't counting hawaii and alaska. and I think some people thought puerto rico was a state. do they not teach geography in the schools anymore? if I hadn't been laughing so hard, I would probably be crying, because, really, that is just sad.

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  • Blogger Slimbolala says so:
    6:09 AM  

    Dany, you've been a busy lady. Mine ain't bad, but you put me to shame. top

  • Blogger Slimbolala says so:
    6:09 AM  

    That was supposed to be "Dang", not "Dany." top

  • Blogger Left Coast Knitter says so:
    10:35 AM  

    I am supposed to be working, and now I am imagining driving around the United States visiting all of the states that I haven't been to instead. Which would be way more fun than working. Plus it would be an excellently looong vacation, because there are lots of states that I haven't been to! But I agree with you- the one that I really want to go to is Alaska! Mmmmm.... qiviut! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:38 AM  

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