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wanted: motivation (and/or medication?)

I think I just realized that my last FO was clapotis. man, how long ago was that?? I guess long enough that I don't really remember. I stuffed all my half finished projects into a bag the other day, when I was cleaning up for isa's party and have barely given them a second thought. now that they aren't staring at and condemning me from their usual perch on the couch, I've almost forgotten about them. almost. but not quite. I lugged the bag back downstairs a few nights ago, but all that's come of that is one poor little half-hearted row on the reversible rib shawl. *sigh* will someone please send some motivation my way? quick? I fear the part of my brain that can (sort of) comprehend patterns is slowly beginning to atrophy. gah!

by the way, I managed to kill my paper shredder here at work. I didn't even do anything except try to shred the usual couple sheets of paper when it decided to stop working. but I have tried to "fix" it by shoving stuff like paper clips and scissors and things of that sort down into the shredders, but that didn't really do anything except make me wonder if I should unplug it first. that would've been way crazy if it did all of a sudden start to work and it was able to actually shred the scissors! believe me, if it did, I would immediately start to gather a pile of "will it shred?" items from around the office for a little experimentation. that would be a great project to take on while everyone else gets tomorrow off. if only...

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