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land shark!

looks like six little sharks swimming in a neat little circle, doesn't it? maybe just to me... what's that? you thought I was making these guys out of that gorgeous fleece artist? I was, I was! but I'd totally forgotten I'd ordered more cherry tree hill supersock in this delicious turquoise (the photo does not do it justice) which would be perfect for fish inspired socks, dontcha think?

of course, in all my excitement, I didn't do any swatching or measuring of these tree trunks I try to pass off as legs and am a little concerned that these little things aren't going to fit over my giant man-calves. it seems awfully stretchy, but is it stretchy enough? the pattern tells me that the relaxed leg circumference should be 6", which is what I have, but I'm feeling just the slightest bit hesitant. maybe I just won't make them so long, so they don't have to go as high up on my leg.

speaking of sharks, I've never been on a cruise before (don't think I'd like them so much), but this almost makes me think that a cruise could be fun! I had no idea such things existed. a couple of people posted it to the socknitters list yesterday and I was instantly intrigued. anyone want to go?

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  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    10:05 AM  

    yaayyy! pomatomatos! top

  • Blogger aija says so:
    11:23 AM  

    It is suuuuper stretchy! Once you get a good bit going, put it on some waste yarn and check it out on your leg, its almost unbelievable :) top