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You Are a Soy Latte

Yeah, you've got a bit of that healthy hippie thing going on
But you're more Kate Hudson urban bohemian than Phish groupie
You're worldly and well traveled.. and you know where to get the best coffee in town.
All your experience makes you a compassionate person - and a caring girlfriend.
What Kind of Coffee Are You?

have you ever had a soy latte? so gross. soy milk, good. latte, good. the two together, so not good. maybe the quiz thinks I'm lactose intolerant.

anyway, I'm home sick today, which is nice because I get to relax, but not so good because I'm feeling really not well. good news is that I've gotten to the third cable row of the reversible rib shawl. and I'm beginning to seriously consider ripping out the inch or two of sleeve I have for the sweater which refuses to be finished and redo it while trying to relax. I'm not sure how else to get the gauge to match the body. I'm debating trying two circs instead of the magic loop - I think I'd mentioned this already, tho. so, instead, take a look at this cuteness!

this was a birthday present for isa, made by a good friend of mine. actually, this is the person with whom it all began. we were hanging out one day, shopping, and somehow got on the topic of how we needed a nice, relaxing, crafty hobby and decided on knitting. since neither of us had ever even really had any knitting exposure, we really didn't know where to begin. I remembered having seen yarn and needles at a fabric store once, so we headed there and picked out some yarn, then some needles, then a "teach yourself how to knit, for kids" book. we thought we were really smart when we left the store, but we felt really stupid when we got home and couldn't quite figure out what was happening in the book. anyway, needless to say, we eventually figured it out. but, whereas I got bitten pretty hard by the knitting bug, she didn't seem to get quite as obsessed. then, a couple of months ago, she told me she wanted to start again. and look what became of it! it's always exciting to have friends that knit. too bad she lives super far away in san diego.

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