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semi-knitting content straight ahead

let's go with the bad news first. I was pretty proud of myself, working both front sides of my cardigan at once, following (or so I thought) my notes from when I worked the back. to my dismay, last night, after doing a few rows of the armpit shaping, I discovered that I had failed to mark what row I started the armpits on the back! I had been following the notes I had for when I started the center shaping, which comes several rows later. basically, this means I did a bunch of rows that didn't need to be done and I need to figure out where I need to rip back to in order to get my armpits to match up. this is what the cardi pieces are up to currently. they might just stay there for a while...
because! look what came in the mail yesterday!
yup, this is my knitpicks needle set! I haven't had much time to play with it yet, but, as for first impressions, it seems quite nice. the tips are very nice and sharp and the cords are very pliable. I did a little comparison with my addis and the knitpicks cord actually seem softer. it seems like the addis are like a metal cord covered with a plastic coating and the knitpicks just seem like they're straight plastic. the needles also don't seem nearly as hefty as the addis - we'll see how they hold up over time, but they're looking good for the most part - shiny and slick.

the joins are also quite nice and smooth. I cast on and knit a row for leda's dream stole with some silk laceweight, just to see how well the stitches moved and they barely caught at all. so I guess I'm pretty pleased. I think I'll use these a lot and, given the great pricing, I think I'll be investing in some of their smaller sized circs and dpns at some point. just not now, since the credit cards are on vacation.

I'm home today cuz isa's got a fever. poor girl. hopefully, she'll get lots of sleep and I'll get some knitting done. heehee.

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  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    1:24 PM  

    ooooh!! you bought the knitpicks needles!! so envious here =) top