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what am I doing here?

in which susan proceeds to get caffienated and knit all day. if only I could get paid to drink coffee and knit... that would so be the shiz-knit.


my second FO of 2007 has arrived! and, it was a stashbuster to boot. hooray!

presenting wicked! woot!

pattern: wicked, by zephyr style, smallest size
yarn: karabella aurora 8, just over 5 balls
needles: knitpicks options us8
finished: january 21, 2007
notes: this was for the current sexy knitters' club kal. and, uh, I think all future sweaters are going to have to be knitted top down. why isn't everything made this way? I loved knitting this and it went by so so fast, I almost didn't notice it happen. almost. the pocket had to be resewn like 8 times, due mostly to my inability to count. and I actually started out making the second smallest size, but then decided to rip back and do the smallest after splitting off for the sleeves. changes I made include making the sleeves about 2" longer than the pattern says for the short sleeved version and also making a plain pocket, because, well, I'm boring. also, don't tell anyone, but I didn't swatch. either the knitting gods were smiling on me, or this is an incredibly forgiving pattern. I was actually kind of worried that things wouldn't turn out quite right, but I forged on ahead anyway. I think, if I were to make this again, though, I would go down a needle size, just because I sort of wish the fabric were a bit denser. otherwise, I. love. this. sweater.

by the way, the aurora 8 was fabulous to knit with! it was my first time using it and I really liked how soft and springy it is. what fun! and I'm less intimidated by adult sweaters now. I think the key is to knit it all in one piece. knitting multiple boring stockinette pieces can really suck the life out of a project, but one giant stockinette piece just seems to fly by. I'm still shocked that this took me just under a week. I'm already itching to make another top down sweater like right now. seriously.

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  • Anonymous Jennifer says so:
    4:12 PM  

    Wow, it turned out so great! Very nice! I need to make one! top

  • Blogger  says so:
    6:38 PM  

    Okay, I really think I need to make one of these too. One project at a time.... Yours looks awesome! top

  • Blogger Lolly says so:
    5:57 AM  

    It looks so fabulous! I bought two Zephyr patterns yesterday... maybe I need to pick up this one too. I love your version! top

  • Blogger Irish Clover says so:
    10:28 AM  

    Great job! It looks awesome! I think I like it better with the plan pocket, too. top

  • Blogger scarletprincess says so:
    2:38 AM  

    I saw your finished Wicked sweater and just had to have it! Luckily they do patterns by PDF as I live in the UK. I can't wait to find just the right yarn for it! Well done it looks delicious! top