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sick day

you ever have one of those days where you call in sick because, well, you're sick, and then you decide that you should probably go get the oil changed in your car after dropping the munchkin off at daycare and then, instead of a quick 20 minute wait in the freezing, no heater waiting room at the car shop, you've just spent 3 butt numbing hours reading old parenting magazines because you weren't smart enough to keep an emergency knitting project in your car (which now is fully outfitted with an entire set of new brake pads) and then, when you find yourself all alone at home after all that, you don't sleep like a good, sick girl should, and instead spend the vast majority of the afternoon cleaning and folding laundry (aka not knitting)? thank goodness for tylenol cold and sinus. and peet's coffee. I'm surprised I'm still standing.

so, then, in my drugged up, head-cold stupor, I stumbled out to the mailbox to discover a package. addressed to me. I found this odd, since I didn't recognize the return address and, as far as I could recall, I hadn't ordered anything recently, and it was far too flat to be any yarn I may or may not have ordered without noticing. what was it? well! take a look!
I'd totally forgotten that I'd requested a copy of the little sample excerpt of the friday night knitting club from aija of sockpr0n fame! but, in all her super duper crazy generosity, she also sent a "sample" of like 14,000 of her fabulous zero stitch markers! good lord, am I a lucky girl! I sure hope it wasn't some mistake that she sent so many and she isn't searching her house for these missing stitch markers... all I have to say is: haha! my wips are going to be prettier than your wips! unless, of course, you go get some of your own. which you should. cuz they're really gorgeous. and I think they even made my cold go away!and, finally, before I sign off for the weekend, here's a peek at the way cute christmas gift I got from miss wendy! what ever will I make with all this beautiful fabric? I've got a few things in mind, but I want to be absolutely sure before I cut into this stuff. too, too cute. thanks, wendy!

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  • Blogger aija says so:
    9:38 AM  

    Yay for stitch markers curing ills! Happy knitting :) top