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my faith in ups is not helped by this:

December 12, 2006 10:18:00 AM MILAN IL US Mis-sorted by carrier

"mis-sorted"? this package just spent 4 days in illinois doing I'm-not-sure-what. whatever it was up to, I hope it's still in one piece.

I went "christmas shopping" last night and ended up coming home with bags of books and yarn for myself. but, really, what is one to do when one has a good-for-just-one-day 40% coupon for borders and patons classic merino is on sale at michael's for $3.99? exactly. I had no choice in the matter. it was the only (somewhat) logical thing to do.

anyhow, now that christmas knitting for non-immediate family has concluded, I am once again faced with the sweater... yes... the dreaded cambridge jacket I foolishly thought I would have finished for my brother by christmas (not a completely irrational thought, considering I'd started it in september. good god, I suck.). I think I'd know myself better by now. I am not so good with the big projects. besides the fact that it's boring as hell, I think just knowing that I still have two fronts, two sleeves, a collar, a zipper and lord knows how much seaming to do is enough to slow me down big time. yes! it's true! I haven't even finished the back! I sob in shame... I must finish, though. if not by christmas, at least by... oh... next christmas?

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