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stuff, and some other stuff

hello to the person who ended up here by typing the following query into ask.com: "why do snail eat plain clover's leave not striped?" at first it made me laugh. but then I really wanted to know! is it true? do snails not eat striped plants? and then I spent a few minutes trying to find out via google and wikipedia, but ended up just wanting some escargot for dinner.

ironically, between running to target and meeting with my life insurance agent and having this awful headcold, I actually managed to forget to eat dinner alltogether. I woke up this morning really really hungry. and probably a little scatter-brained (or a lot). more proof I'm losing my mind: I tried to dump coffee beans into the grinder this morning without removing the lid, which sent coffee beans bouncing all over the kitchen. sigh.

anyway! isa and I enjoyed a quick jaunt down to visit my good friend down in san diego over the weekend, arriving back home this past tuesday. I brought along the gloves I'm knitting for my aunt. I did (hallelujah!) finish the left glove and rip out most of the first one so I could start over. for some reason, I'm slowing down like crazy on these things. the first one (that turned out too small) was super fast! what's up with that? I think I'm going to blame it on my being sick. and I'm going to hope and pray I can finish, block, dry and ship them out by next monday. hey! stop laughing!

the trip was great fun! it was nice getting to hang out with my friend and her son. I got to visit her lys, where both kids managed to poop their pants. sorry, guys! the staff even had to break out the oust. I picked up some local handspun (and I forgot to take a picture! oops!) that I think I'll make another hat for isa's already very well dressed head. here's a pic of her modeling the snail hat. she loves it! and it looks so cute on her! I'm thinking of sewing a band of that thin microfleece stuff on the inside, cuz I feel like the wool might be a bit scratchy... we'll see, tho! regardless, it's cute. yay!

so, I promised some FOs, but I actually only have one to share for now.
pattern: fir cone lace (from one of the barbara walker books) with a garter stitch border
yarn: rowan cashsoft 4-ply, color 429, just over 1 skein
needles: knitpicks options us5 circular
finished: december 1, 2006
notes: holy cannoli, this yarn is so freaking soft I could barely stand it while knitting. this was made for isa's daycare lady's christmas gift. I hope she likes it. it's so so soft and the color is just beautiful. this must be the easiest lace pattern ever and it comes out so pretty. yum... I will definitely use this yarn again (for something for myself!) and I will definitely knit something using fir cone again too (shetland triangle, anyone? yes, please!).

here's how it looks when worn. the color is way off here, though. it's quite a bit darker in real life. why in the world is red so hard to photograph? someone tell me I need a better camera. is it time to upgrade? heehee.

ps. I just heard that winter knitty is here! whee!

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    2:13 PM  

    that scarf is so pretty!!!
    and yes, knitty is finally here - and there's a TON of patterns this time. =) top