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and one more for good measure

slow work day = FO! here's the ez snail hat for isa! it's busy blocking right now, but here is a pre-blocking, hanging out on an upside down bowl pic for your viewing enjoyment. what a fun fun knit. I really enjoyed making this and I cannot wait to see it on isa's head.
pattern: snail hat/spiral hat/dairy queen hat from the opinionated knitter, by elizabeth zimmerman
yarn: lamb's pride bulky, in creme (leftovers from another project, not sure how many yards...)
needles: clover us10.5 dpns
finished: november 30, 2006
notes: the lamb's pride knits up in a tighter gauge than the yarn called for, which was perfect, because this was to be toddler sized. it came out just how I wanted. other modifications were only 3 rows of garter stitch instead of 5 for the brim and only 15 rows even before decreasing instead of the 18 called for. this pic is pre-blocking. I'll have to get one of it being modeled by it's intended recipient once it's blocked. btw, this knits up really fast (just a few hours) and the design is so ingenious. love it!

I'm chugging along on the gloves. for some reason, I'm having a really tough time neatly picking up stitches for the fingers - a problem I didn't seem to have with the first one... I had to rip and reknit multiple times last night and and still 3 fingers short of a full glove. hopefully I'll get over it soon and can be done with it and fix that first glove over the weekend. well, happy friday, all! I should have some FOs to show off when I get back from san diego! yay!

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  • Blogger Irish Clover says so:
    9:07 AM  

    The hat looks fab! Love it in white. top

  • Anonymous bekka says so:
    2:09 PM  

    oh drat! it is from one of the EZ books I don't own. very cute hat. i want one. i asked for ON for xmas, but will have to wait and see... top

  • Anonymous Stacey says so:
    2:36 PM  

    This is the nicest looking of these that I've seen yet. It's holding its shape and isn't top heavy at all! Thanks for posting your modifications. I have a little girl myself that I am going to make one for this weekend. Yours is adorable! top

  • Blogger aija says so:
    3:09 PM  

    That is adorable! I totally want that book now :) top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    9:15 AM  

    CUTE!!! i totally want one for myself! :) top