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dang. what's this all about? I mean, there are certainly less attractive ways to use yarn, but seriously. I must be in the wrong business if this is selling for $168. can you believe it?
and this? $368! how long could it possibly take to knit either of these things? do people really buy this stuff? go ahead and click on the photos if you want to buy one of these babies for yourself. actually, if you want one, I'll make you one for the bargain basement price of $299. heck, I'll make both for $299. how's that for a deal? feel free to start lining up while I go grab my 35s.

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  • Blogger adjunked says so:
    3:28 PM  

    all you need is a graphic designer to make an cool-looking "isaknitty" logo for you, and then sell them on ebay. You'll be rich before you know it! top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    9:17 AM  

    hey, i got a Free People catalog and saw those pics in it. i agree with you--what a ripoff! top