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important things to think about when knitting pomotomopotomotomus (or however you spell it)

1. use chart A for the leg
2. use chart B for the instep
3. keep alcohol handy
4. decrease every other row on the gusset
4. no, you don't know how to count
5. you also are not so good at following directions/reading english
6. there will be ripping, tinking, and/or reknitting, which can lead to increased blood pressure and spitting while cursing the knitting gods and also maybe shaking of fists at the sky, especially if you did not pay attention to #1-4 above. luckily, the yarn doesn't seem to mind the abuse. unfortunately, the knitter does and might need a long lie down.
sigh. why is this pattern kicking my ass so badly? I'm going to blame it on pms and a shortage of chocolate. the gusset issue has been remedied, although I somehow managed to untwist one of the twisted stitches at the pick-up edge. how did that happen? oh well. I'm going to ignore that one, because if I have to rip and reknit one more round on this stupid heel, I will have to go out and buy myself a whole case of beer. actually, that doesn't sound so bad. friday? you're coming soon, right? I need you...

ps. in adding that cherry tree hill link, I noticed that they are having a design contest! obviously, I am not cut out for the sock knitting, let alone the sock designing, but how exciting for someone who can! heehee. also, the yarn I'm using is the turquoise, which the cherry tree hill folks seem to be better at photographing than I am. also, I think I need to buy some of the teal. also, I love socks. also, sock yarn. also, I should get back to work.

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  • Blogger Stuntmother says so:
    8:09 AM  

    That's hysterical. I almost feel like I should start knitting Pomatommaaaahippopotamus to see for myself how warped it all is.

    i too should get back to work. Eek. top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    9:28 AM  

    With such tiny needles, no wonder you're going crazy. hehe...keep it up, though! I know they'll be great in the end! top