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who? what? where am I?

having to actually do work related things at work has thrown me into a troubling place where I can no longer remember things I need to do in my real life. I don't even know where my cell phone is. I had it this morning, and now it's gone. I think about work during work hours and even occasionally during not work hours. it just isn't natural! I've been too busy to blog properly, but have had moments where I'm like "oh, I gotta blog about that (funny, noteworthy, cute) thing" and now I'm sitting here, actually with time to blog, and I can't think of one interesting thing to say. all those fun things I had in my head? gone! who knows where they went or if they even existed.

speaking of work, the company I work for makes and sells stuff for trucks and suvs (does this make me a terrorist?). I know. so exciting, huh? anyway, every so often, my boss will come in with some new product to see if it's something that's marketable. which is fine, right? that's how people do business. most of the time, I really don't care what it is, because I don't drive a truck and don't ever plan on it, so I'm pretty apathetic about all our products. but this week, he came in with sheepskin seat covers. sheepskin! skin! of sheep! SHEEP! sheep, who produce wool! sheep, who would continue to produce wool for years if we didn't take away all their skin! I kept thinking "omg, all that yarn potential! someone hold me up and get me a drink!" it's just wrong. so, so wrong. is it 5pm yet?

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  • Anonymous Carrie K says so:
    3:37 PM  

    What?! Sheep's skin? Argh! I can't even bear the idea of mutton, much less lamb. I hope you called him a terrorist or a murderer, or at least flinched visibly.

    Is it 5 yet? top

  • Blogger BLACK DOG KNITS says so:
    3:54 PM  

    We've been using sheep skin here (Australia) for years! Car seat covers, slippers, boots, floor rugs, bed protectors - you name it! It's a disgrace! top