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newsflash! susan still cannot count

I forced myself to finish the dino legs this weekend. unfortunately, I just kept knitting and knitting legs and legs and legs... and, well... I'm not entirely sure how this happened.
yeah. that's one leg's worth of knitting time I'm never getting back. *sigh*

moving on... I visited a lys yesterday that I'd never been to before. they were having a big ole sale on the already clearanced stuff. everything already on sale was only $3! I didn't go nuts, though... but I did get two skeins of swtc oasis (soysilk) for $3 each to make lotus blossom from the summer '06 ik. except, for me, this will likely be for summer '07, since it is entirely impossible for me to even think about starting this anytime before winter shows up around these parts. I also picked up some yarn for another baby gift (when will it ever end??), which was not on sale.

anyway, the owner was really nice and her daughter was also there to distract isa from trying to eat cashmere (but no one was there to stop me from eating it! ha!) by letting her play with the toy cars they had, which was great. every yarn store should come with an on-call babysitter and a box full of toys. she didn't have a huge selection, but I was rather impressed by the entire shelf filled with cherry tree hill yarns. I think she had most (if not all) of the yarns they make. I definitely would have gone to town on the supersock if I hadn't already gotten some last week... it was definitely an exercise in self control.

oh! also. they sell those clear clogs! which would be fun for showing off cute socks, except they're not really that cheap and I don't think I'm a clog person... but they were exciting enough for me to stop a moment and actually consider getting some. maybe I'll become a clog person someday. or not.

well, with any luck, dino pieces should be dry (they're taking a trip in the dryer right now) when I get home tonight and I can stuff and piece them together. we'll see if I can't get some dino action up here on this blog in the next day or two. rowr!

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    3:02 PM  

    love the dino legs. and yea, i've heard good things about that LYS store. i should make a mental note to stop by when i'm in town. have a good week! top