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0 (zero) interesting content ahead

nothing exciting is going on. this week is just about as bland as ever. *yawn* I'm not even entirely sure why I'm posting anything, except I'm so bored, I'm not quite sure what else to do.

there has been minimal knitting action around these parts. I've only completed a measly 3 legs out of 12 for the dinos I'm making for my friend's son, whose birthday was yesterday... I might be a bit late on this one. I did some preliminary seaming on the other body parts, though. and my future sis-in-law's sock is pretty much the way it looked when I got off the plane on sunday night. are you asleep yet? I'm about there myself.

I've had a few project ideas floating around in my head - yes, in addition to the long list of unfinisheds I have hanging around my house, like the nerdy kids at a middle school dance, hoping (oh the hope! oh the misguided, hopeless hope!) that someone (who? me?) will choose them and take them for a spin for one glorious night. except that I think I am that nerdy kid...

also, I have all the other things that I've almost started, but haven't really, like fetching for my mom and the debbie bliss hoodie I posted about a few posts back and this new, slightly risky, potentially disastrous crazy idea I have that involves paton's classic merino, a washing machine, probably a calculator and also all the hair that will most likely be pulled from my head. among other things.

and, before I totally lose you, here's a funny episode* from this weekend, when I left isa with my parents while I went off to boston. isa's just started becoming aware of her *ahem* bodily functions, which makes for some interesting conversations. usually along these lines:

isa: poopoo
adult: what?
isa: poopoo
adult: you have to -- ?
isa: eeeerrrrghhhh....!!
adult: oh...
isa: poopoo

this time, my mom was getting isa ready for her bath. she (isa, not my mom) was doing her usual happy run around the bathroom naked, when:

isa: peepee!
grandma: what? peepee?
isa: peepee!! peepee!! (pees on floor)
grandma: !!!

after the whole peepee thing is cleaned up, isa's soaking happily in the bathtub. all of a sudden, she gets really serious, looks my mom right in the eye, and:

isa: poopoo
grandma: !!!

needless to say, my mom finished that bath up really fast. with no incident. but man, was she scared! haha! poor grandma.

*an apology to those who prefer not to read "my baby is so cute" stories... I don't do this often, tho, so I think I'm entitled just this once!

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    2:14 PM  

    hahaha!! she sounds like such a cutie!! (your poor mom sounds a bit panicked though - perhaps isa's not giving her enough advance of a notice?) =) top

  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    2:19 PM  

    that is awesome. i love that isa!!! and poor grandma! hahahaha top

  • Blogger Carrie K says so:
    12:05 PM  

    But My Baby Is So Cute stories are so much fun to tell and besides, that was cute. Your poor mom.

    I hate when I miss deadlines (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) because then my push to finish the project goes completely away. Not that I finish them on time, mind you. top

  • Anonymous dorcas says so:
    1:04 AM  

    Great story :). top