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oreos... mmm...

I used to be good at math (way back in the 1900s). now, I spend the vast majority of my daily allowance of brain power trying to figure out how to best get an oreo out of the package without getting crumbs all over the table. perhaps the fact that I'm munching away on some oreo-goodness right now might explain why I can't seem to get my head around making this debbie bliss pattern less stupid.

I know, I know - everyone knows - that debbie bliss patterns are notorious for making things more complicated than necessary (altho, very cute!). which is why I thought I was quite brilliant when I said to myself, silently, in my head, "dude! I'm smart enough to make this thing easy as pie! and less seams!" in theory, yes... in reality, not so much.

I think I'm getting it, though, and I think I just need to start (with fingers crossed and knocking on wood) and know that what I seem incapable of putting into words or numbers or pictures, I can make happen with needles and yarn. I want to make this thing seamless, working the front and back in the round up to the 'pits, then working the front and back pieces flat and then joining the shoulders with a three needle bind off, leaving the remaining stitches live to work the hood. because, hello, in the long run, wouldn't that make it easier?

I think I'm just trying to work through the details too fast, though, because I know what I want, but just can't get it down on paper right now. I envision lots of frogging, maybe a little cursing, but, if things work out the way I think they can, I think I'm really going to like this.

someone please remind me that I need to swatch first, please. in all my excitement, there is a pretty good possibility that I'm going to forget. and also, please, no silly questions about why I'm starting on something that is so obviously for me when I keep talking about how I've got all this other stuff to do... I'll have plenty of time to work on birthday gifts while standing in the security line at sfo friday night. *sigh*

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  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    5:06 PM  

    the dino wants a head! :) top

  • Blogger Carrie K says so:
    5:33 PM  

    You are knitting it for you because you know that you'll appreciate and (hopefully) love the finished project. At least you'll know all the work that went into it.

    You're making it sound easy! And yes, swatch. I keep mucking up my stuff lately by fooling with the gauge after I've started knitting. It's too late then. And it looks funny. Grrr. top

  • Blogger aija says so:
    12:05 AM  

    good luck :) eat an extra oreo for luck, or leave one out for the knitting gods! top

  • Blogger Diane Thornton says so:
    6:16 AM  

    Great ideas right up to the "leave stitches live for the hood" Now I'm not going to come out and say "don't", but I am going to say "I had the same great idea and now I think it was a bad great idea". It appears the bind off gives stability to the neckline and picking up stitches for the hood, sometimes done 3 to every 4, makes a neater neck and smaller hood. Somewhere in my blog is a picture of a sweater I knit for DS#1 and in it I continued the hood, I wouldn't do it again. Now, as for the knitting in the round, go for it. I am currently wrapping my brain around how a 92 CO works for a front and back in an 8 stitch +4 repeat, but when doubled, it somehow loses the +4 repeat. duh, no brains. top