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look out world...

...here she is! orangina (and hi! is that my bra or what?) in all her glory:
maybe I should've worn a shirt inside... then again, I guess there is no proof that it's me or my bra in there anyway. thank goodness it's finally cool enough to put this on. it fits just the way I'd wanted and I looooooove it! love it! I hope no one will be offended if I wear this every day - with something less revealing inside, of course.

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  • Blogger CanarySanctuary says so:
    6:06 AM  

    That's beautiful! I love the pattern, and the great results everyone got on the SKC site makes me want to make one for myself! I joined right after the Orangina KAL was ending.
    Great knitting :) top

  • Blogger aija says so:
    8:02 AM  

    So flattering on you! :) top

  • Blogger Tcknit says so:
    12:10 PM  

    It looks beautiful. I'm still working on my Orangina, like you, I'm knitting both pieces at the same time, I'm only at 2" :-(

    I hate finishing, so I'll do as you did, join the round at the armpits and knit knit knit....

    Did you just k2tog once on each side when you join the 2 pieces together? And then continue the pattern sts? top

  • Blogger insaknitty says so:
    1:11 AM  

    thanks for the compliments, everyone! tcknit, yes, I did just k2tog at each armpit. one thing I should have done was put a marker at each "seam" and remember that I have one less stitch in that spot... sounds obvious, but I got a bit math-stupid and got a little thrown off for the first inch or so after I joined the pieces. after I fudged my mistakes and got the right number of stitches back on my needles, I managed to get back into the rhythm of things. good luck! hope this helps. :) top

  • Blogger Carrie K says so:
    4:19 PM  

    It came out really pretty and it looks great on you. I love the color. top