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welcome to susan-land: where nothing ever gets done

it's rather sobering to come back to the office to piles of work after relaxing for a blissful (but short) four days. one would hope that after such a long weekend, I would have many an FO to show off, but, alas... even on vacation, I can't change my wayward nature. and, instead of finishing any of about 10 half-finished and half-started projects, I cast on for a brand spankin' new one! hooray!

here's where things went wrong... saturday, after my haircut appointment with everyone's favorite stylist, I realized that I was only about 5 minutes away from the lys and it was a holiday weekend. and we all know what that means! it means "go home immediately!" unfortunately, I think the part of my brain which keeps me from doing things I should not be doing got snipped off during my haircut. or maybe (more likely) it never even existed in the first place. whatever the case, at that point in time, my car steered me in the appropriate direction and I pulled up to find myself staring at a store-wide sale. store-wide! sweet mother of god, everything was on sale! all the yarn, all the needles, and the books and accessories and maybe even the rug and the coat rack. it was overwhelming.

at some point, a smidgen of good sense came over me and I left the store with only a pair of socks' worth of artyarns supermerino and enough rowan cotton 4-ply for orangina. I've been wanting to make orangina for months - ever since it got voted as the sexy knitters club's knit along the last time around. sadly, I was busy lent-ing when it started and could not buy any yarn, so I sat it out and settled for lusting after everyone else's beautiful new summery tops. so I'm late hopping on the wagon (actually, that wagon has long since come to a stop and everyone is busy riding a completely different wagon now), but I am so loving this pattern. it's so simple, yet so beautiful! and I really hope I actually finish this one. famous last words.
so, my boss informed me this morning that things are going to get busy and he's going to give me more responsibilities (two things I didn't really want to hear) very soon. looks like my mid-day hour of knitting is going away. just like that. but, I guess he's not actually paying me to knit at my desk while reading other people's blogs. too bad. (please see sub-title of this blog now - while I go get myself a cup of coffee.)

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  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    5:49 PM  

    oooo... so so pretty :) and yes, i know all about being eerily steered towards cute stores.. top

  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    10:15 PM  

    awwww, i really miss that yarn store!! next time i'm down, i'm totally going to make a trip there...!! top