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I've done so little knitting this past week that it's not even worth it to post anything today. but it's friday and there's not much to do at the office today, and there's a super long weekend coming up and I've actually got all four days off to do fun stuff like melt in the heat and try to hang onto my sanity despite my complete and utter inability to cope in temperatures in excess of 70 degrees. what can I say? being born and raised in the bay area will do that to a girl. I'm a total weather wimp. I admit it.

actually, I am doing something productive, knitting-wise, but it's for another birthday present and I'm going to play things safe by not mentioning too much about it, lest secrets get leaked and surprises get spoiled. this makes for very poor blog content, but I just want to get it out of the way so that I can do more interesting things (aka "things for me! me! me!!").

I've been doing pretty good at stopping myself from buying any more yarn and/or knitterly things this week in light of my recent sprees. but I did have a moment of weakness and bought shoes. that totally doesn't count, right? and since I bought two pairs, they cancel out, right? right?

a happy canada day eve to you canadians! and a happy america day in four days to all you americans! I'm not aware of any other holidays in the next few days, but happy whatever to anyone else out there who is celebrating something I failed to mention. and, of course, a happy knitting weekend to everyone!

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