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hot! hot! hot!

thank you all, so very much, for waiting so patiently to catch a glimpse of the long awaited completed orangina! I was so excited when binding off and blocking time came late friday night. sorry, too, that there are no pictures of me actually wearing it - it's not because I don't want to (because, oh, I do want to - oh so badly...) but because it's well over a billion degrees and I haven't stopped sweating for about 3 or 4 days. I did slip it on for a second or two, before giving it a bath, just to make sure that the length was ok. I did not snap a picture then, because, trust me, you do not want to see me in that state. ever. but enough of my babbling... presenting orangina!pattern: orangina by stephanie at glampyre knits
yarn: rowan 4-ply cotton, color 120 (pinkish)
needles: addi turbo 24" 3mm and 2.5mm circulars

notes: I used 3mm needles for the body of the sweater, mostly because I couldn't find my us3s and I figured I would like a tighter fabric anyway. I made the 34" size, which, coupled with the change in needle size, would make for a tighter fit, which is what I was going for. also, I decided to work the front and back at the same time and then join them together after 8" (under the armpits) so I wouldn't have to do any seaming, except for the top. I k2tog under each armpit, which set me up perfectly for the 3x3 ribbing later on. also, I went down to the 2.5mm needles for the ribbing, also for a tighter fit.

overall, I'm very pleased with how it came out! except for the fact that I haven't actually tried it on in all it's blocked out glory. it's so pretty that I don't want to contaminate it with whatever is seeping out of my pores right now. I will post a "look at me in my first very own article of self-knitted clothing" pic as soon as it cools down...

I need to just address this scorching heat for a little bit here. mostly because it is really all anyone can talk about right now. I don't seem capable of forming a coherent thought, and isa is swaggering around in a daze, like a drunken toddler, asking for water every couple of seconds. I've slept downstairs in front of the open sliding door for two nights in a row, on my therma-rest, in very little clothing, next to a bucket of ice (thinking that maybe it would provide some sort of relief) drenched in a gallon or so of sweat even though my mother is worried that someone is going to break into the house if I leave the door open. I'd spent the majority of the weekend wandering aimlessly in two different malls, not quite sure what to do with myself, but quite sure I didn't want to go back home, where it actually seemed hotter than it was outside. when will it end?? I swear, today was the first time ever that I'd wanted to come into the office, where the a/c blows like the wind. I actually have to wear a sweatshirt to stay warm! ahhh...

ok, just two more things before I sign off for the day and pray to God that I have enough brain power left to actually do my job... firstly, I have to admit that before orangina was even off the needles that I cast on for the cool hemp ponchette by lana knits designs in southwest trading company bamboo. the bamboo is crunchier than I'd thought it would be, but it's nice and shiny and I'm pretty sure it's going to get softer after washing. what fun! so easy...finally, yay, floyd!! I didn't get to actually watch any real tour footage this year, since comcast decided to take away oln for some unknown reason a few months back. I was a little bummed about missing it, but I think I'll live. at any rate, I was a little unsure about whether he'd be able to pull it back together after his drop in the standings last week, but he did it! yay!

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