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the end is in sight...! (now with pictures!)

I know I'd made some totally bogus claims about finishing orangina this past weekend (didn't happen). this was largely due to my inability to remember things like "eye doctor appointment" and "wedding to attend" and "roasted pig to consume" and "15 month old who often does not nap" and "so tired, must sleep". I am getting close, though! even though my k3p3'ing is slow-going, I am really pumped to get this thing done, which is what keeps me going. it's so pretty... I want to wear it so badly!

I did spend a little time kicking myself for not bringing anything to knit as I waited for the doctor to arrive at my eye appointment. he was 30 minutes late! but, instead, I perused the eyeglasses selection and was reminded of how much I love glasses. but then I also remembered how infrequently I actually wear them and how expensive they are and how I have a perfectly good pair that I actually really love at home. I must have tried on 100 pairs while waiting, though. and, in doing so, I found some I really want. must. resist.
some friends got married this weekend, so I got to go to a really swanky wedding. I was really excited for the reception, but was actually kind of disappointed with the meal. I thought it was going to be really spectacular. instead, it was just ok. the best part was the little bite-sized dessert sampler at the end. oh, wait. I take that back. the best part was the open bar. I didn't get a chance to really take advantage of the one at last weekend's wedding, so I tried to make up for it this time. good times.

and then, sunday was my friends' second annual pig roast. one of them dug a pit in his backyard for the roasting, and then had 100 people over to help eat the little guy. actually, not so little. and it was a girl pig. that they named izzy. last year's pig was named suzy. I have no idea why they feel they must name dead pigs after me and my daughter, but they are trying to get me to have another so they can name next year's piggy after her. *sigh* I need new friends.

man, this post is so boring without pictures! I wholeheartedly apologize for my negligence. there will be pictures next time - I promise. in fact, I'll quit with the teasing and put a little fire under my butt and will not post until I have a completed orangina to show off. hurry, me!

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  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    4:37 PM  

    roast pig??? YUM!!!! if there was any substitute for knitting, sure, i'll take that roast pig any day! =) top