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by the way...

have I mentioned my bedtime reading? it's been keeping me up more than helping me sleep, though. pure hilarity! oh, that david sedaris is such a hoot. makes my childhood seem even more boring than I'd originally thought it was. maybe I should write a book about my childhood too. if anything, just so I have something that can put me to sleep. I'm getting sleepy already, just thinking about it.

I don't have anything even remotely interesting to say right now. the progress on orangina is, well, not happening quite at the speed I'd originally hoped. I found some stupid mistakes yesterday and spent far too much time correcting them. so much time that the "progress" I made last night is practically unnoticeable.

so, to keep your eyes from totally glazing over, I'll just share this link. I'm sure many of you have already heard about this guy, who managed to trade up from a little red paperclip into a whole house! my friend shared this with me after I told him about an email I'd received about a bag I'd put up for sale on craigslist. someone was offering to trade me some of his artwork for my bag. I'm thinking about it. but I'd rather someone traded me some cash for it. and then I could turn around and trade that cash for some yarn! and then I could turn that yarn into half a sweater or half a stole or half a sock, just like all my other yarn. the possibilities are truly endless...

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